Test Oil Causing Swelling Post Shot?

I’m currently taking 500mg of test E a week. I have found that grape seed oil works the best for my body. With this cycle I have no pain upon injection (I rotate glutes and quads) but on the day after I start with swelling and tightness that is extremely sensitive and I cannot stretch the muscle that was injected, also causes body aches . I have tried multiple oils but the issue persists.

Can the body refuse oils? I’ve done multiple cycles through the last few years but this issue is getting worse. Any suggestions or anyone have this issue in the past?

Could be a couple different causes. What is the concentration of your test e? For higher concentrations that are known to create post injection pain, I’ll add a little extra sterile oil in the barrel. Another possible cause is - how long is the needle you are using? How far do you insert it? Do you ensure the needle is perpendicular to the skin/muscle surface? Not inserting far enough can cause pain and swelling. It needs to go in at least 1" and straight into the muscle belly rather than at an angle which might leave it too close to the surface. And, have you tried Test E from a different manufacturer? Could be that the batch you have has some properties causing pain and swelling such as too high of a BA content.


Doesn’t sound like it’s an oil issue. Could be something else in the product

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I tried a 250mg per ml, and also a 300mg per ml. They are both grape seed oil as well. I clean the area, inject slowly and use proper placement. I do agree with you, I will potentially try other locations/ brands. To your knowledge, can some people have reactions based on the type of oil?

Also, 23ga 1”, I use a separate blunt needle to draw with

I would draw with a 22g and inject with a 25g to help reduce pain. Yes, some people are sensitive to different types of oil. 250 and 300 are both high concentration oils. I would obtain 200 or lower or add some additional oil to see if that helps.


F yeah. I was just gong to say the same thing.

Anything under a 25 ga (21 - 23ga) is like taking a fucking core sample of your leg or glute every time you pin. This usually results in a sore ass muscle for a week until I pin again. I think i put up with that for 2-3 pins before i swapped out the 22ga for a 25 ga 1" and never looked back. When the pharmacist sees that I won’t leave without a 25 ga bc my doc is an idiot and wrote down the wrong size (21ga), I explain, they get it and I walk out a happy man.

Also, if it’s in your glute, are you getting help pinning or doing it yourself?

It’s sometimes hard to keep your hand steady when pinning back there and can lead to needle movement which can cause tracking, accidently withdrawing the needle and other issues.

Also, do you switch sides? And or split up that dose or pin it all same place, at one time, all the time?

I agree, it sounds like its shallow, are you using all 1" of needle buried into the skin?

With a 25 ga, it’s going to take longer to inject, need a steadier hand but it won’t be as sore and recovery will be pretty solid but idk about that quantity of test… you might want a 2nd pin site or try a 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" needle as those sizes are not uncommon.

I like using 1" but sometimes (pretty randomly) get some tracking.

Get some pharm grade meds. Following to learn more.

Good luck.

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to answer your question, YES.