Test + NPP + Primo

Hi guys I am planning to run a lean gain cycle but I m confused.
I decided to stack TEST + NPP + PRIMO but which test should I use E, C, or P and I will take Arimedix for Estrogen but still confused should in run caber along with Arimedix for prolactin as NPP is there or should I wait and see if I got symptoms then I start taking caber.? Guys plz help if any suggestions what should I take with Arimedix to save me from Gyno due to NPP.

What dosage of each? Primo doesn’t aromatize and NPP barely does. You will only need an AI if the Test is high. For prolactin I don’t see this as a common problem with Nandrolone unless run in very high doses.

As of now
test 300 (split in 2 doze per week)
NPP 200 (split in 2 dose per week)
Primo 200

Further I will increase

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I don’t think you’ll need any ancillaries at reasonable dosages such as these. It’s good that you have them in case but I personally wouldn’t take either from the start.

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Hi thanks a lot man and do u think it affects on erection or something like that as NPP is from Nandrolon family.

Roll of the dice. Some get it most probably don’t.

Thanks a million bro really appreciated. Thankyou very much.

Which test should I take with NPP & Primo

Wouldn’t you want to inject NPP more than twice per week? I think at that frequency you would get large swings as the half life is fairly short.


Yes he would. Good point. EOD would work.

@shak87 So what test really depends on your other esters and injection schedule. You can choose prop and inject EOD with the NPP. Or you could choose Cyp/Enth and do it twice per week. Prop has higher PIP for most folks so you may want to go Cyp/Enth for that reason.

I have to agree with @s.gentz, I would pin at minimum EOD based on the half life of NPP. I ran test C with NPP (pinned it EOD as well, in the same syringe as the NPP) and I actually had my best cycle with test ever (only 3 test cycles before this to be fair).

Also, I think it is a good safeguard to run P5P (a multivitamin you can find on amazon) along side NPP/Deca.


@ wsmwannabe
Have you run Deca as well? Any difference between NPP and Deca as far as sides? Does NPP reach full benefit faster? I’ve run Deca and had no issues but i like the idea of shorter ester products lately. Was thinking of NPP after bloodwork in February.

I have not run Deca, but my next nandrolone cycle I will so I don’t have to pin EOD. To the best of my knowledge, just based on half life of the drug, I imagine NPP kicks in much faster. Within the first 2 shots I was feeling my NPP (about 3-4 days) and by day 8-10 I think it was fully kicked in. I believe it takes almost 3-4 weeks to really feel the full effects of ND. I also believe NPP lasted longer than in my body than I thought it would. I remember thinking for about 3 week after coming off that it was still in my system… but that’s all based off of feel.

It was a great recomp drug, even though that wasn’t REALLY my goal. I wanted to just get stronger, but even running barely above maintenance calories I still managed to add 5-6 lbs and lost probably 3-4 lbs body fat in 15 weeks.

Sorry OP, didn’t mean to derail

I am starting from a low dose planning to split the dosage in a week. What do u suggest what should be my dosage per week. E.O.D ?

What is PIP And I want to go for cyp or Enanth. What do u suggest. My primo and NPP will be at low dosage.

U were taking NPP & TEST CYP EOD what were the dosages ?

No I haven’t experienced Decca my body is very estrogenic but still I want to go for Test + primo + NPP. Difference between Decca and NPP is one is slow and other is fast.

Wow great

150 mg/pin (525 mg/wk) Test C and 100 mg/pin (350 mg/wk) NPP