Test, NPP, Dbol Cycle Results So Far

I’m 19, so no doubt going to catch some constructive hate here for what i’ve been doing so young. I did my research though, and have been doing this as safely as i can. I just wanted to post here and hopefully someone gets something out of it.

Ive been running
600mgs test e /wk (12 weeks)
40 mgs dbol / ed (first 25 days)
100 mgs NPP / eod (11 weeks)
Arimidex .5 mgs /ed

Diet : I have to admit i could be more on top of this than i am, but i eat a fuck load as often as possible and i keep it as clean as i can. Averaging 3,700 cals and 250gs protein

Height : 6"0
started this cycle at 175
Im on week 9 and am 195.5 right now and have been gaining steadily.

I still have 3 weeks left and am going to try to make the most of it. I have nolva and hcg for PCT

When i am finished i will upload some pics. But for now will upload one from like a week ago please excuse the complete douchebag angle