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How does this sound? New to the forum, not new to gear.

Weeks 1-2
50MG anadrol 2 weeks on 2 weeks off
Test E 1ML 750MG weekly pinning M, W, F
NPP 1.25ML 375MG weekly pinning M, W, F

Weeks 3-12
Aromasin 12.5mg (half tab) ED

Any thoughts or recommendations to add? Blood is good. Thanks.

You running the anadrol like that the whole cycle? I’ve not see it done that way but sounds interesting. Everything seems ok to me except I would consider running the aromasin EOD unless its worked well for you before without negatively impacting E2 on an ED schedule.

Yeah I’ll go ED and if it messes with me
I’ll go EOD. I’ve also got clomid on hand too.

Yeah the “quick” gains slow after 2 weeks with Anadrol, which could be an issue with my diet or lift, so I like running it this way. Seems to help keep more of what I gain. Blood more stable afterwards and I don’t get sides nearly as bad or at all. I ran this same cycle but with dianabol before and did it the same way and resulted well. I’m also going to be adding some HGH to the mix. I’ll make sure to post results on how the 2 on 2 off goes.