Test my Test levels to see if testosterone is legit

I just started my TRT around 1 week ago and want to make sure the stuff is real,
If I get a blood test next week will the levels already be elevated to show the test I’m taking is legit ?
Should I get the blood test done the day after a injection?

You won’t be able to draw any conclusions, but 1 week in, and the day after a shot yeah your levels should be WAY up. If you’re doing 100-200 of C or E in one shot a week you can expect to see numbers at /above the top of the standard range.

I would expect midrange or higher if you’re doing ED/EOD dosing.

Although your “total injected” numbers won’t have maxed yet, what you’re taking combined with the fact that your own production is probably still working somewhat should carry the #s to prove it’s working.

Results will vary somewhat based on your SHBG, metabolism, size, etc.

Ok I was thinking because I know my base line If I got a blood test the day after a shot I will be able to tell if the testosterone is legit,
I’m only injecting twice per week as I have high shbg,

How are your balls? Just wait a couple weeks lol, i dont see the rush. Worst case scenario youre injecting cooking oil

Is wait until 4 weeks minimum so you can not only see if it’s real but if it’s dosed somewhere near what’s it’s supposed to be.

My balls are fine and I’ve been walking around with a semi past day or so
Which isn’t usaul

Ok and what should my levels be at 4 weeks ?
Considering my base line test level was 700,
With shbg 65,

What’s your dose?

Around 200mg per week

Probably 1200-1400 but I’m totally guessing

I thought I heard before there a way to test your stuff by getting a blood test the day after injection, your levels should go up 4x approx, is this correct ?

Lmao why would you begin trt at 700 natty… If youre gonna bnc i get it but if its just legit trt why start with 700.

It effects people differently. It should be elevated but 4x?

If someone is aware of everything involved and does it I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t. Mine was 575 pre-trt and it’s been life changing. Definitely a major advantage in many areas over the average man.

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Not sure what’s funny,
I have high shbg that won’t come down and free testosterone of a 60 year old man
And I’ve consulted with 2 highly regarded specialists who advised me,
That was as good as it was gonna get with out TRT,
And advised to go the TRT route
Free test was 9

Nice one mate,
I don’t understand why people say things like that with out knowing all the details

My total T was similar pre TRT. 151 SHBG tends to squash free T numbers just a little bit though :wink: