Test Multi-Dose Vial Expiration?

I have been TRT for a while now but cannot get to my PCP for a refill as needed due to work. I got a 10ml bottle from a co worker and will substitute with it. My question is that it will take me about 20 weeks to use the 10 ml. I know there is a 28 day rule for after the vial has been punctured, but can I refrigerate it to keep it safe? I know you arent supposed to refrigerate test due to the oils and crystallization, but I am thinking I could warm to remove the crystals if that occurs and to keep it comfortable for injections. Thanks!

The freezing and thawing process destroys the product. The 28 day rule is BS and is big brother being overprotective and more controlling. Back in the day when the practice was mostly 200mg every 2 weeks, vials would last months, now all of sudden they are concerned even though no reports of contamination.

There is another reason why they are doing this 28 day rule, but there going to dress it up like something else.

Really, it’s all BS? I have heard freezing destroyed it, but wasnt sure about refrigerating it. So no worries about keeping it 15-20 weeks huh? That’s good news. Thanks.

I used a vial that was 2 years old that had been punctured, I’m still alive. If you refrigerate you will have to deal with condensation within the vial. My 100mg/10ml vials lasts me more than 12 weeks, I can go beyond this and never have any problems.

Make sure your finger never touches the needle before going into the vial. There is preservatives in the vial to prevent bacteria.

Awesome thanks for the information. Just so I dont seem like an ass, my “really it’s all bs?” Was more like “huh, didnt know that” lol

It’s just an attempt to make TRT as difficult as they can. They are even working on regulating testosterone to a maximum of 5mL per vial. I don’t know how far along in the process they are, but pharmacies are fighting it.