Test May Be Fake?

So I’m finishing up my cycle and I needed one more vial of test than I originally thought. I’ve had 2 injections with the new stuff and my experience was completely different than all other previous injections. Both the new and the old stuff was test enth.

For my first vials:
They had a pharmaceutical label (250 mg/ml), they were sealed with a cap, and after I injected I felt soreness deep in my glutes. The soreness was there, every time, although it was worse in the beginning. It was normal for a little bit of blood after an injection but I never saw any oil. There was a few crystals in one of the bottles that I had to heat up.

For the new vials:
It has a new label (Rejuv, 300 mg/ml), it was unsealed, and I felt NOTHING after an injection. A very stark change from the first vials. After I inject, oil and blood leak out separately and run down my leg as if they don’t want to mix together.

I told my source about this and he said that I may be getting used to the shots and that’s why I’m not sore. He said that’s it’s normal for some oil to leak out and it may be different because the new test was made with a different oil. My source is using the same stuff as me.

I don’t know, but my gut tells me it’s not real. Is there anything I can do to check - maybe freeze it to see if crystals form? I’m thinking about just cutting my cycle short and going through PCT now to be safe.

Pip doesnt mean shit dude. Honestly the gear youre questioning was probably brewed better. And no. Blood and oil dont mix lol.

Pharm grade prop gave me a little more soreness than generic chinese shit, but both were real as I did bloodwork.

what do you mean by feel something? you shouldn’t feel anything. Poor inj technique is the only thing you would feel. Pip from prop and tren ace is normal, other than that there isn’t much to be felt. Sounds like A, you need a new source, and B, you need a new source. People underestimate how much garbage is brewed in a bathtub, with high end labeling and packaging. You could be injecting corn oil with 10mg/mL of test for all you know.

All the test ive ever had has a piney smell to it

None of the stuff that you described suggests that it would be fake.

Keep in mind though that most Test E is dosed at 250, but it is still possible to have it dosed at 300. The test that I am using now is Test E claiming 350mg/ml. Supposedly this dosing is possible if ethyl oleate rather than oil is used as the solvent.

Here is an example of a Test E that claims to be dosed at 350 and that I suspect to be legit:


I have legit 300mg/ml test-e.

Its european.