Test, Masteron, Primo for Cruise

Guys you think if do:
Test cyp 150mg
Primo 100mg
Masteron 75mg
And 200iu hcg eod

Is possible zero estro like this?

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This is not TRT, this is a mild cycle. With that out of the way, if your goal is to minimize E2, why add HCG? And is your goal “zero estro”? If so, please research the importance of estrogen before injecting anything.


I ask cause i dont want 0 estro i want mid range, for me is trt this i used to run many grams of blasts

I scare if mast and primo these dosages can take estro close to 0 and this scares me , i want balance mid range

This. 75mg T 70mg mast 70mg primo and you could get away with calling it “athletic HRT” or something (yea, it’s 215mg/wk, but mast/primo are considerably less potent on a mg/mg basis comparative to test). Even then, the effect on HDL might be quite significant. E2 suppression might be an issue though

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So ratio 1:1:1 is safe to not zero estro and if hcg eod in i should be safe to not 0 them right?

No, and even if I said “yes” that needn’t be apt grounds to form an opinion.

Responses to these drugs can dramatically differ from person to person and we have NO clinical data to go on regarding an inverse correlation between dose of DHT derivatives and estradiol concentration.

I can’t answer this for you, no one can.


Thanks for your help mate

If it’s me, I would just do 300 mg test. I don’t think the results would differ much. I also think overall you would be healthier even if you had to use a tiny amount of ai.


I think you must try to find out but I think it’s unlikely you’d have 0 estro. I think it’s more likely that you have enough but nobody knows.

I didn’t have enough on 60-75mg T 200mg primo. @lordgains, then again I might not have had enough on 60-75mg test alone.

Ended up with quite a bit of tendonitis, sorer joints than usual, low libido etc.

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He’s doing that plus HCG which in and of itself is known to raise E2 and increase Aromatase expression.

I think MOST LIKELY he’s fine.



With test 200mg and masteron 150mg and 200iu hcg eod my e2 came 100 on bloodwork very high number and i needed aromasin to balance them so now i try find dosages that don’t need an ai on trt and stay mid range

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100 what? Thats’ pretty high for 200mg test if it’s in pg

Yes was pg ,very high thats why reduced test to 150 and I want use hcg also in trt so i try find sweet spot that ll not need any ai

HCG will raise your E2.
If you are getting 100pg with 200T/w although you did not state the E2 range you will probably need to go to 100mg/w of T if you don’t want to take an AI.

Do you know your SHGB? With a low enough SHGB 100mg of T can give you a very nice amount of Free T but at a E2 price for example. My SHGB is 15 so with only 100mg of T cyp a week my Free T is over range.


Thanks mate ,next bloodwork ll count shbg also

A lot of numbers and lab ranges being thrown around here.

As long as you are having no sides of high E or low T, there’s no need to chase the perfect ratio or number.

TRT is about feeling optimal, don’t chase numbers but go by how you feel.



Did you tweak the protocol to enable you to remove the ai ?

Would running a 1:1 dose like 125 test 125 mast help offset the ai need?