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Test + Masteron For 'TRT'

Hey guys, as the title reads I was thinking of adding Masteron in my TRT protocol. My shgb is low (21, 20-80) and probably because of that my TT is 1.400 (300-1200) and my estrogen was 81 (20-71) 2 days after my 90 mg dose. My free test was mid range though probably because of high E2. I was on 180 mg per week with no AI, which of course I lowered to 140 with 1.25 arimidex per week. My thought is that maybe I could try what Bill Roberts says and do something like 100mg Test + 100mg Masteron per week and lower my A.I. dose.
I asked several doctors about my low SHGB and told me that I could use less amounts of test with good results. Will that help me more in terms of body composition, libido and well being? I am doing bloodwork every 4 months so everything will be monitored. No worries about hair loss, everybody in my family is bald or balding so nothing to do about that I guess.

Bump for answers, cmon guys

It’s an interesting concept. Supposedly, this drug has the same benefits as T without the aromitization. This may lessen the need for adex. However, it seems to me that 100mg of Test is TRT. When you add 100mg of Masteron to that protocol, you are running a steroid cycle. It’s no longer TRT. You’ll probably get the answers your looking for on the steroid forums.

Thanks for the reply mate. I 'll post in the pharma section