Test Mast Tren, Old Timer

Heres backround on trt for life for last 3 years , had gyno cut at 15, been lifting 30 plus years. Did cycles in early 90s and 2000s tryed most stuff. On 600test wk, 30 d bol daily now seams to be working fine day 15 , going eight weeks it is common cycle ive done before . Anyway how would a 150mast e, 150 tren a, 400test e every 5 days , thats almost a gram a week where i get good results I’ve done tren a , long time ago no problems, never mast though i know i should have higher mast and tren ratio, but that is all thats available.

Also i don’t no much about al , only few had access to back then plus gyno out, we just did a month of clomid after cycle. Also what sarm would be best, for dry gains. I am pretty sure the trt has me holding water , as my doc told me thats one reason bodyweight went up , as i quit smoking almost same time i started trt. Basically with 700mg test as i add 100mgs cypionate to shots, will 210 mg of tren e, 210mg masteron e , help much I’ve heard tren e is a different animal then tren a so i will tread lightly, im pretty much starting out as a noob .