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Test/Mast/Primo E - Advice Splitting Doses?


I have ran a few cycles previously with some great results. My training is great atm and looking to do my first cycle after taking a long year off.

I weigh 95kg, eat healthy to no strict regime currently, I am hoping to add on some quality muscle and harden up over time without too much water bloat, for a change I am running a low test and using primo for the first time.

This is the dosage I was planning on running is
300mg test e
200mg mast e
300mg primo

Firstly does that look a good dosage combination, also I have always tried to limit my jabs to two per week and never usually gone over 2ml in one single jab… Just as it worked previously when I was still competing.

How would you recommend I split thay dose to avoid jabbing too much at once but ensuring the effectiveness over the two jabs? I have read some people do just switch to using slins for more regular doses but I have always just used blues in the glutes…

I have test 250, mast 200 and primo 100 vials

I just can’t get my round how much to jab, mg / ml split between the jabs… Suppose 150 primo 1.5ml, mast e 100mg. 0.5ml both twice a week but then what about test.

Damn I hate odd numbers haha…

Thanks in advance.

200mg of mast is like spiting in a sea to see if the sea level comes up. Does nothing. 350mg if you are contest lean and below 220lbs could be ok. Big guys use up to a gram. But still - you need to be lean as shit.
Masteron doesnt build muscle, doesnt build strenght. Its just a cosmetic, and the fatter you are, the more you need, and you still wont see SHIT unless you have a six pack to begin with.
Primo dosage also is a lousy half. I know its expensive, but doing halfsies is just wasting money anyways.
Why dont you build muscle with just a bit extra test and then harden up with a diet?

Im doing 3ccs in my quads eod and im just fine, but ok… you can do less - just do 1cc test, 1cc mast in one glute and 2cc of primo in another glute… That would be 2ccs per syringe as you wanted and also a bit better dosage for mast and primo.

Anyways, i would not recomend you limiting yourself with such self-made problems like “i only inject 2cc”… no one gives you a medal for not doing 2,5 of 3ccs, its just a problem you made for yourself - i dont see any reason why would anyone do that… glutes and quads can take 3 and more.
Especially if you are messing with shit like mast, primo, eq etc, which just is needed ALOT to get any benefit.

I remember when i was like 18-19, all we had was this oldschool deca that was like 100mg per 2ccs… So one of the first cycles anyone did was solid 3ccs EOD :smiley:

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I agree here. I don’t necessarily believe in the required dosage thing, but this cycle would have worse sides and less results than 600 mg test would for me (I don’t get e2 sides, or at least not easily). The test cycle would be a lot less money too.

I haven’t actually done mast or primo. Don’t plan on it either. Just think people go for the exotics to often, when the simple stuff works well. I guess I’m more after strength, so maybe I don’t see the appeal of the cosmetic drugs.

Its because its written online about it like its some kind of super-stuff. People dislike test because of water retention altho i have been shredded to the bone with test-e and my e2 high in the sky - at the end of the day, its diet and cardio(sweating out water often) that works best…
But people read about masteron or primo or even EQ and they think its something like test but ALSO no water and ALSO epic abs and ALSO lean look. They dont get that that stuff basically does NOTHING muscle wise compared to just test and no one is that lean to actually see masteron working.

I have always said that the best thing after test is - more test.
Also, im happy that my EQ usage has fixed my e2 problem alot and i will be able to drop a lot of other shit and just do a bit more test :heart_eyes:

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Genetics play a role here. There are pharmacological properties of testosterone (11β-HSD2, 20-HETE expression = RAAS activation = water retention, amt of aromatase/sensitivity to E2 etc) wherein individualistic susceptibility differs.

Testosterone itself is FAR more potent regarding anabolic potential for me comparative to primobolan. For me it appears 75mg test 200mg primo = 175mg test (though it’s better than 175mg test for strength gains).

Test also elicits far more glycogen retention, though I also find a good portion of the “gains”/the “thick” cosmetic effect on test disappears as soon as you hop off, gains on primo appear to stay. Gain 20lbs on test E 500mg/wk, go off, keep 12. Gain 7lbs on 100mg test 300mg primo, keep 6lbs.

Masteron appears to be cosmetic in that 200mg/wk (for me) appeared to result in no excess muscle accrual over 100-125mg test alone. Though it will make you look leaner/more vascular (keep in mind it’s been a while since I’ve used this) and strength/endurance in the gym shoots up quite a bit (moreso than testosterone).