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Test/Mast/Low Tren

Ok so i initially had planned on doing 500mg test p// 300mg mast p for 10 weeks. I ended up buying 2m/2000mg of tren. So now i have the tren/mast/test and am wondering if i were to do 200mg of tren a 400mg of test p and 300mg of mast p would this be considered a good “lean bulking/recomp” cycle. I have seen people run low tren and moderate test but haven’t seen the three ran at moderate dosages. i could up the dose on the test but would prefer to keep the tren and mast on the lower ends.

I’ve been told if you Test is to high: Up to 600mg a week, you would need a HCG shot 1 x per week in addition to the arimidex 1 tab, every 2 days.