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Test/Mast Cycle and Insomnia

Running my test/mast 500/400 cycle second week and have insomnia since two nights. Yesterday was the second injection.
Could it be crashed e2?
Anybody experience with this?
Have some dbols to kick the e2 up. How much should I take it should I wait until my body adjust?

Did you take a bunch of AI? Mast exhibits anti E properties at the receptors but its not going to tank your E2 or even give you that feeling with 500mg of Test.

I ran similar cycles often and never had this. However, extreme swings in hormones can certainly cause insomnia. I wouldn’t take any dbol and just see if things improve.

I just took 1/4 pill of aromasin yesterday night after the second injection. Because many people told me to take ai on 500 test even when I use mast. So thank god i just took a 1/4 pill.

On 250 mg test i usually take 0,5 aromasin since I aromatize. But on this cycle i don’t even have a puffy face of any signs of high estrogen. So that’s why I thought my estro is tanked.

But estro is so complicated, maybe I just have high estro and the mast just masks it…

But yeah I will wait and see and no dbols.

None of this should be happening just 14 days into your cycle, should it?

Tbh no. I did many cycles most of them test/dbol. Maybe because it’s the first time i am using a dht.
And the mast is moderate at 400 and test 500.

Maybe my body has to adjust itself to the androgen rape it is getting?

If you mean sides kicking in? I believe it is enough time.
I once frontloaded 3ml if test-E and i skyrocketed my test from 30 to 100 in exactly 3 days. I guess it depends on people, cuz there are some people who say "you need X amount of weeks for something to “kick in” " but in my experience shit either works or it does not… a week max, unless its boldenone in which case you will never know it works anyway, unless you just check your e2 and see it drop :smiley:


Personally when my e2 is crashed all I want is sleep, all night and all day. So, I’d say no you didn’t crash your e2. You’re taking high doses that stimulate DA and adrenaline and you’re brain hasn’t caught up to the extra transmission. Rather than be an e2 thing, I think it’s just the added hormones and will get better. You’re one week in; relax


I think this is what’s causing it since he’s just two shots in


I recently went on a 1 week vacation. Pinned about 300 mg of test before going. Sleep was shit for a couple of days.

Since you have not had sleep problems with T/dbol cycles how about dropping the mast for a week and see if that fixes your sleep. At least you will know.

There are some pretty good temporary OTC sleep aids. Melatonin, Tryptophan, Unisom.
I myself keep a bottle of Nyquil for that occasional night I can’t fall asleep.