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Test Levels


I just had my results told to me over the phone, i'll get the mail today maybe its there too, but they told me my testosterone levels are 313 on a range of (i think) 250 - 800) they just said its in range and normal, that seems pretty low for me as a 33 year old man

should i ask the doc for help in raising the levels or just keep on with my workouts and maybe try Alpha Male or something like that?


This is really dependent. what time of day was the test, had you trained hard in the days prior, Drinking, eating, sleep etc etc.

Alpha Male would be a good option if exploring anything further id suggest more testing first to see what the root of the cause is, primary or secondary etc etc.



the day before i didnt train at all, and tried to get a decent nights sleep, the test was 7:30 am. i had a test years ago and it was low then too, but i wasnt interested at the time and didnt even ask what the number was, but now that i am seriously trying to get some muscle it interests me alot


Note your concern to your doc and get more test done, Find the root of the problem if its the pituitary, gonads etc.



Take up chi gong and start using the mind for a while. Sometimes we have to know when to concede that maybe it's time to stop fighting the natural progression of things and realize we are more than the body. Think about it.


I think you skipped the pass part of "puff, puff, pass."

There's nothing wrong with wanting to have high T. Forever.


i had to go back to the doc, he says he doesnt like to do anything unless its way below normal because of the risk of prostate cancer, but he did give me some viagra samplers , hooray for a fun weekend coming up :slight_smile:

i'll finish my HOT-ROX Extreme then try the Alpha Male for a while


LOL have fun :slight_smile:



If you libido is that low that you need viagra samples at 33 its time for more tests. If this doc wont help you out find another.