Test Levels

whats more important total or free test?

[quote]brunottfn wrote:
whats more important total or free test?[/quote]

The TT is mostly inactive. It is FT that gets the job done. As noted in other posts, %FT is good to have but not significant unless the TT is high enough. But FT is still the bottom line.

There’s also another test for “test” levels - “bioavailable”. Its slightly more indicative of what you are getting to use. Free is definitely better than total. And do get your estradiol checked.

I some cases HRT isn’t necessary, just stop your own test from converting to estradiol. And by all means if you do go to HRT get your estradiol checked. When I started HRT my estradiol skyrocketed and we had to go to an anti-aromatase drug to get it back down.

Oh yea, if you want to get the “bioavailable” test down you have to specifically mention to the md.