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test levels.

bro’s longtime lurker posted a couple of times. heres the question had my testosterone tested. total was 275 freee test was 7.0. these seem low to me but my doc says the lab he uses says 240-825 is normal total and 5.5-21 is normal feee. can anyone tell me for sure if i am low naturally on my test. it seems so to me. my doc says something to keep an eye on but not treat yet. i am also hypothyroid. and am on meds for that any info would be appreciated

Have you done any cycles before?

With those numbers, a more aggressive doctor might write you a prescription, particularly if you’re approaching or past forty years old. If you found a doctor affiliated with the Life Extension group, you’d possibly get a script. Different doctors have different thresholds before they start dispensing.

i have never done a cycle before and i am 39 years old. life extension docs are expensive…no? just trying to get my T levels up to the upper 1/3 of normal without spending 1500 bucs for a 6 months supply from a life extension group. since i am considered low wouldn’t a regular doc want to start bringing me up slowly or do you think that they don’t know enough about PCT and keeping estrogens down that they don’t want to touch it? also i am in the new york/long island area if anyone knows of any doctors that could help me out it would be appreciated

Take 250mg of Test a week for 8-12 weeks then get back to us.

Your Test to cortisol ratio is very important. Have your estrogen levels checked.


For some people, being overtrained or close to it will lower the T-levels, at least a little. Did you have, say, two gut-busting workouts during the three days preceeding the blood draw? Did you drink much? (I’ll just assume that you didn’t ingest any of your significant other’s birth control pills…)
Forget overpriced “life extension” doctors. Your health insurance probably won’t cover most of what they do. Shop for an endocrinologist: they’re comfortable, working with hormones that most doctors never think about. If your insurance company’s “network” includes both D.O. and M.D. endocrinologists in your area, you might try a D.O. first: same knowledge, better attitude… Make sure that the insurance paperwork uses the code for hypogonadism. (If it says anything about “life extension” or “erectile dysfunction,” the insurance company will use it for toilet paper.)
Strength & courage,
Coach Joe

I found my doctor on an LEF list. He charges about 50 dollars a visit. Per visit, he writes me a script for five vials of T cyp, and I inject at home. My blood work and insurance are mostly covered after a deductible and a small co-pay.

A “Life Extension Doctor” does not work for the LEF. They’re simply private practitioners in all fields who are more open to alternative therapies. I’m sure there’s a broad ranges of fees represented within the group, simply because each doctor sets his own rate for his own practice. (Maybe “Life Extension” is being confused with those internet dispensaries with doctors on staff.)

My doctor is a GP. Most of his patients have never even hear of “Life Extension.” And why he would be more expensive than an endo is beyond me.

Really, the biggest question you face is insurance. T cyp and visits are not prohibitive, but blood work is obscenely expensive. And rarely will any doctor (no matter the affiliation) treat you without blood tests.

In any case, peewee, log onto lef.com, do a doctor search in your area, get names, call them all, and discuss fees. This will give you real figures to help with your decision.

thanks for the replys fella’s found a LEF doc near my house will call him monday and set up an appointment and talk mto him