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test levels

I just had my testosterone levels checked from my saliva and it came back 122 pg/ml thats all it said with a range from 50-200. Is this high or low? I don’t know what it means. Thanks

The reason I don’t know how how to read it is because it was measured in PG/ML and most everyone that posts their results has it in a different unit.

I think the only reliable way to test testosterone levels is through blood.

I could be wrong, but I believe a number given in pg/ml measures free testosterone whereas a number given in ng/dl (the different unit) is a measure of total T.

Actually pg/ml refers to picograms per mililiter and and ng/dl refers to nanograms per deciliter. 122 pg/ml is equal to 12.2 ng/dl.

What one is more important, I thought free was what you want to know for building muscle etc. Anyone else?