Test Levels

I’m not over 35, but I was hoping someone here might know wtf is going on with my test levels. I took RPN havoc about 1.5yrs ago, pct nolvadex etc etc. Gyno symptoms set in about 8-9 months ago. I got my testosterone level checked in October 08 and they were 850 (I’m almost 22 so that’s pretty normal).

Ok so I get referred to an endocrinologist and get checked again in January (takes forever to see a specialist for the first time!).

By now I’m experiencing not only gyno, but weight gain around the waist, EXTREME fatigue, terrible sleep, bipolar like emotions, etc. Turns out my total T is 116! If that isn’t crazy enough, the doctor then checks again (this time checking FSH and LH levels and such) in 4 weeks and guess what? Total T is 450ish. What the hell is going on?

The doctor claims that there’s no way my endocrine system could be doing this on its own, that I’m getting some outside source of SOMETHING to be causing this. He proceeds to tell me to stop all supplementation and I tell him hey man, aside from a protein shake MAYBE every other day, thats all I’m taking.

Well he says there must be something in my protein shake. ON whey gold standard and body fortress advanced whey (ran out of ON, cheap walmart stuff). I think he’s full of shit. Has anyone experienced this before? My diet is pretty simple too.

Doing your tests at the same time of day? Should be testing in the mornings, like 8am for an accurate measure. Your t lvls will fluctuate through out the day somtimes going down to near 0. Morning time is supposedly your peak time, guess thats why we have morning wood, some of us at least.