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Test Levels with Novadex!?


I am 20 yrs old and i had my test levels checked before i took novadex and they were in the 600 range..3 weeks into novadex on 4 pills a day it is now 1888..my doctor said its way to high and i should cut back, but is there any health issues with it being that high? k thanks


Novedex XT, the supp you are taking (not nolvadex), results artificially high levels. The test recognized a substance as Testosterone that actually isn't testosterone. Someone wrote an article about it once (not a T nation article, you can try google to find it).

I'm not saying Novedex XT is safe to take (it may be and probably is but I really have no idea), but even if you did have T levels that high there wouldn't be any problems besides the side effects that come with uneducated exogeneous hormone administration. But you don't have to worry about that because you are being ripped off :wink:


And you're taking it all because...?


yes sorry I ment novedex xt.and ok I'll look that up..and I taking it because I feel a 600 range of test for my age is pretty low to trying to bulk up and build muscle..but im here for constructive critisism .thnks for the help


so is the artificial high only numbers on paper?


how about you eat more red meat and fuck your girlfriend. and watch arnold movies. those things raise T don't they? also I always thought those blood t-tests were crap


Lol no, blood tests, saliva tests, whatever are not 'crap' for measuring T levels.

They just dont pick up the difference between legitimately high T levels and the 'false positive' that results from a substance specifically put in Novedex XT by Gaspari to ellicit that exact result.


thats what i am asking..is that artifical or real numbers..and if so is that bad in any way to be basciall over dubble the highest range for a 20 yr old...and yes i do eat alot my diet is pretty good


Re read my posts and use some common sense. I'm not sure of a way to explain it any clearer


ha no i sent that on my phone for the post before yours. it must have delayed it....i get what your saying i had a feeling there was somthin up when it almost trpiiled lol with no strength increase at all.. thanks for your help