Test Levels with 20Y/O

Hi guys,

This summer I’ve got full shredded (6-7% BF) using 20 mg Anavar. I’ve started after 1 year without training because I broke my supraspinatus tendon.

First day: 71.8kg
Finish of the cut: 74kg

Yeah, it sounds crazy with 20 mg Anavar, but I think I am super responders.

8 weeks of 20 mg anavar with 40mcg Clen EOD and his PCT of 40-40-20-20 of Nolva and 25-25-25-12.5 of Enclomiphene. Two weeks later, I made a bloodwork and I got 133 LDL / 46 HDL / 559 ng/dl of T 4.19 LH / 3.11 FSH and good DHT, so all was working perfectly.

I stayed 8 weeks OFF and after that I made 8 weeks with 20 mg Stano with 40mcg Clen EOD and the last 4 weeks with 25mg Proviron (antiestrogenic, less water retention). Made the same PCT but 1 week more because I feel completely OFF and super toxic (fuck stano) and got 74 LDL / 39 HDL / 413 ng/dl of T / 4,33 LH / 2.8 FSH

All was crazy because I put more than 3 kg in my bodyweight and drop my BF of 16-18% to 6-7%, fucking crazy. I was ready to go up to a stage, lol. No prank.

Incline bench dumbells with 45kg x 8 reps and 35kg x 16 reps… pull down with 90kg x 12 reps. FUCK.

So guys, my T levels are too low to be 20 yo, lol. I know it’s my baseline, but I feel tired almost every day, and I’ve got 2 companies since I’m 18 yo and I need to be full rushing, lol.

Then I’ve to go to TRT or wtf, lol? I can’t have 413 ng/dl with 20yo, but it’s crazy because I’m putting muscle on my body.

Now I’m making 2 weeks of 500ui x3 of HCG and 40-40-20-20-20 (Nolva) and 100-100-50-50-50 (Clomid), retest my bloodwork 3–4 days after my last shot of HCG and clomid+tamox for check if my LF/FSH are too high (as it has to be after use 1500UI of hcg x 2 weeks and Clomid+Tamox). In the last week, after the last pill of clomid and tamox I will retest my bloodwork to see where the PCT put my levels and 2–3 weeks after finish the PCT I will retest my bloodwork and see if I fix that Test baseline.

1st February I want to start 10–12 weeks of 250 mg Test C with 1000UI HCG weekly (for maintaining my testicles size) to see how it makes me feel before add some orals.

Show us a faceless photo, unpumped.

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Everything in this post sounds like you think you’re awesome.

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No bruh, that’s why I’m looking for help or another thought, lol.

9th April (first photo) - 26th July … 80 days after.

July and September:

July Unpumped and fasted:

I can upload more if u want.

okay, then the advice that I have is that you are too young to be starting TRT. Your brain is not fully developed. Specifically, the part of your brain responsible for critical thinking is not yet fully developed… something you will sincerely need in order to effectively gauge risk vs reward on this subject.

Not 6% but definitely lean.

I think your interest in TRT is similar to that of most younger dudes… you could have seen slightly above midline ranges and still thought “it should be more because [insert rationalization here]”.

You don’t want to be stabbing yourself twice a week for the rest of your life.

Keep making progress and re-evaluate in a few years when things settle down. Your 20s are going to be crazy.


Nope, you’re better off than I expected to be honest. Lean enough for sure. Prob high single digits if I were guessing. Great transformation for little input. I would focus on mass though. If you get some bulk, even with a lil more fat, you would look fuller IMO.


Thanks bro for your words. I think like you, was a great transformation for 20mg Anavar and 20 mg Stano… People in my gym were thinking that I was with Test & Mast, lol.

Now I’m bulking. I’m +10kg, 83.5kg, lmao. I’ve controlled my fat, maybe 13-14% BF, I dont have visual abs obviously, but I still got full veins in my forearms and I improved a lot my chest and shoulders.

Morning unpumped and fasted:

Just still working till 1st February, that I want to go to my base kcal for make a recomposition with 250 Test C and 40mcg Clen… If I start in 85kg, want to finish 12 weeks later with the same weight but with a better % BF.

What do you think about my T levels dilemma?

Thanks 4 all sir :pray:

I think it’s not so bad after put 10kg in my BW in less than 2 months totally natural. Started the bulking in the end of September.

I’m improving, as crazy, a lot of weights in my basics.

I would want to see a full snapshot about two month off of any gear. TT, FT, SHBG, E2, FSH, and LH. I would be more concerned with FT than anything. Normally TRt is a last resort for someone so young. However if you keep using anabolics it may be more stable for your body than constantly going PCT. I’m with other when they say “you’re too young” to comprehend these decisions that can affect you down the road. It’s not to be condescending, it’s because we remember when we were your age,


Okay, sir. Tomorrow I will have blood work. So this Friday, I think I got the results.

Here u have. I’m flipping with my total T and free T. How I didn’t recover good in september, I made 2 weeks of HCG 500ui each 5 days, and 4 weeks of clomid and tamox. It’s my 3rd week from the last clomid taken. 3 weeks totally OFF, but I got my best T level.

I don’t know in why affect a low INDIRECT BILIRUBIN.

I’ve got a little bit high UREA but I think it’s because I’m eating 4.2gr x kg of protein, lol haha

So, I will down the protein to 3gr x kg and take some NAC and Cystone, let’s see in 4 weeks how it’s.

There is far more to putting on muscle than high testosterone. You just have good genetics. It seems as though you would like to see if you have great genetics. Though I never had my testosterone tested (no one did back in my days), I probably ran low “off cycle.” I had pretty good genetics for putting on muscle, that I don’t believe was related to my testosterone levels.

You are young and have a very good start. I would recommend doing a contest as soon as is practical. You might as well find out if you like what is required. The more comfortable you are on stage, the better you will look.

BTW, how tall are you? Your weight means much less without your height figured in.

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Thanks. Your words were amazing, sir.

I’m 181cm, in my cutting phase I went from 71 to 74kg. Now I finished my bulk phase at 83-84kg, so I want to start slowly my cutting phase and finish it in 84-86kg.

Bulking was full natty. My last cutting phase with 20 mg Anavar (woman dosage, lol :joy:), so now I’m just thinking if I have to make again 20 mg anavar or 250 Test with 20 mg anavar, because anyway I will got shutdown my HPTA.

But it worked. That is exactly how much Anavar I used (though I usually stacked it with 200mg/wk Deca and 200mg/wk testosterone cypionate)

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Hell yeah. Deca or NPP? If you stack it with Deca, I suppose that you’re TRT 4life… it’s like 16-18 months in the blood. Wanna make now 250mg/wk Test c with 20mg anavar, see how its working and in june make 250mg/wk Test c, 200mg/wk Primobolan and 20mg anavar. I would try to get dry skin of winny with primo… Idk if i’m right.

I only used Deca (but it was all from Organon. no generic deca.)

I have no idea what all this talk about super long half-life and it working in your body came from. But from my experience, two weeks after the last injection, I began loosing strength just like I did with all AAS when I went “off cycle.” I used Deca from age 28 through age 48, and never went on TRT (not that anyone knew what TRT was then.) At about age 57, I started TRT, trying to test between 500 and 600ng/dL in the trough (at the morning after day 5.) BTW, I was “on cycle” more than I was “off cycle.”

You just need to add more muscle now. I liked to get no more body fat than I could lose in 8 weeks, usually a contest. I competed fairly often over 3 decades (2 or 3 contests per year.)

I’m talking about metabolites, but maybe it didn’t affect you because it’s not generic deca.

Yes, that’s my goal. I think that I can lose this fat in 8-10 weeks easily, that’s why I didn’t follow my bulking phase, because I don’t like to feel fat. Now I’m starting my progressive carb cycling style, at the moment anavar is running by my veins, I would cut 500kcal more because I know that I don’t lose more than 0.5kg. I think that I’m super responder. Last summer with 20mg anavar I started with 71 kg skinnyfat and finish the summer with 73.5-74 kg lean asf (IMO).

Thanks for your reply, good sir.