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Test Levels for Muscle Gain?


i am taking test cipianate 210mg my levels are at 1500. is that enough to put on muscle? 3 mnths now and i dont see a diff. of coarse w/o pics you wont know either. so again my question is 1500ml enough to put muscle on. and yes im lifting like a moose tring to lift a car off his ass.




thats it.


how do i get the most out of what im doing? is this level really high or is it just a little. should i lift max. should i isolate the muscle. try the arms they are 19 to 20 inches, w/ not much form. is there anything i can do to make my tricep look like a loaf of bread, and put a peek on my bicep. any info would be helpful.


How old are you?

Is is possible for you to type like an adult? It's impossible to understand anything youre saying at this point.

If youre going to half ass your posts dont expect many responses.

How bout introducing yourself first with some info about yourself?? Even though its the internet there is still a sense of etiquette expected.


Are you saying you have 19-20" arms without any definition? If that's the case, you need lower your body fat - a lot.

Also, you're asking really basic questions on a steroid forum with many regulars who are very advanced lifters, so expect to get flamed.


It sounds as though your prioities are not quite in order as well as your steriod and training knowledge.