Test Levels Dropping Each Cycle

Hey guys, little concerned. I knew the risks when I started cycling but want your opinion here. At what point do you get on TRT?
I have had blood work done before, during, and after each cycle. Bloods were always done 2-3 months after PCT
Before any cycle test levels were 720
Took pro hormones 8 weeks test after was 620
Test cycle 12 weeks test after was 505
Test cycle with oral test after was 443 FSH 2.1
Ive done everything properly and ran nolvadex and clomid for 6 weeks after each cycle

I dont notice any low test symptoms. But at what point should I say fuck it and hop on TRT. Im 26. Should I be worried with these levels?

You are still relatively young at 26. I personally wouldn’t go on TRT at your age. You probably still want to have kids so its not a good idea. At least when you are off cycle you will be able increase your own natural test/sperm production with clomid, so you have a much stronger position to stay fertile.
Does steroid use permanently suppress your bodies ability create decent levels of natural testosterone? Maybe, I don’t know, people are different and react differently. Most users will keep using for a long time, even when cycling that in practice it appears that many people don’t recover, to pre usage levels. They hop back on before the body really has a chance to fully recover. Not many people that have been using want to go off steroids for a year or 18months, to see if they do recover to high levels, so they continue cycling or go on trt.

Many guys use HCG in small amounts on cycle to keep testicular function going instead of shutting down fully. This seems to keep a guy’s fertility, plenty of Pro’s seem to have children whilst still competing.
One of the respected Anabolic Doc’s says the problem is religiously taking the HCG, most guys get lazy and stop using it. He thinks when you have been shut down for many years, even taking a large amount of HCG to kickstart your balls back into activity has little chance of success.

Great answer thank you. And yes would like kids in the future thats my main reason for the concern.

Not true. The chance of being permanently infertile on TRT such that HCG, HMG, FSH and clomid (along with temporally halting TRT when trying to conceive) wont help are close to nil.

Male fertility is a certainty. You blast HCG for a couple months and that almost always does the trick. Failing that, you go off and clomid will ensure you have more sperm than the average man. Once you lady is pregnant, you hop right back on to TRT.

While male fertility will come back in almost all, it does sometimes take a while. From research I have read to get to the point where high 90s percentage of men were fertile, it was about or over a year IIRC.

While TRT is almost never a death sentence for having kids, it can be a while to recover, while feeling sub-optimal.

I hope you are more right than me, I’m just going by what I have heard, mainly others experience, some of my own too.
I’m definitely not a Dr, unfortunately most Dr’s don’t know everything about endocrinology or fertility even if that is their speciality. Even Dr’s that specialise treating steroid users don’t know it all, so its good to hear other peoples opinions like yours.
I talked to my endo, about guys on hcg getting their woman pregnant, whilst on steroids. She couldn’t believe that it was possible, and wanted to see published studies. I don’t know if there are studies done on this, but there are plenty of anecdotes from both pro’s and am’s.
Its all pretty tricky and you won’t know what happens until you try whatever method you think you need. What I can tell you is that you have a better chance with fertility if you cycle, rather than choose to blast and cruise, or do TRT. I wouldn’t recommend a young man to go on TRT if he didn’t medically need it. If he’s in his late 40’s had kid’s or didn’t want them then sure.

Thanks guys guess I will continue to cycle then untill Test levels get very low or I notice symptoms.

You can also consider clomid monotherapy. That’s been used before by doctors who needed an alternative to trt. I don’t think your levels warrant it, but if necessary that can be a bridge between the end of your next cycle and trt. Or just keep cycling until you come back low enough for trt to be a necessity, I suppose.