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Test Levels Current and How Can I Get Them Up?


I have no issues with anything but levels of energy periodically and fat around stomach...

I lift heavy working all muscle parts 6 days a week around 1hour to 130min each session and have a big muscle structure, eat for my blood type O+ and not over weight at all just a little in the mid section and getting the overall cut look that I fight with.

43 yrs old 5ft 11in and 235 pounds do not have a hard time to add muscle just hard to get to what I want overall and never have I been able to get a 6 pack.

I have low test and low Vit D and have been on test replacement and just started to adding 2000ibu of Vit D a day for a few months and have not been on test shots during this time either to see if I can naturally raise my test levels.

Since adding the Vit D my levels of Vit D has risen from almost nothing to 57.0 ng/ml and my Test levels now without test shots and only using Vit D is Test at 2.39 ng/ml and and my free test is showing at 31.06%

I have a Dr appointment next week to go over this but would love to see what suggestions can be made to try to advance my TEST levels overall naturally and get them higher or maybe some tips or trick to advance my overall muscle growth.

Thank you in advance


Please read these stickies:
- advice for new guys
- things that damage your hormones

You may be suffering effects of over training.

Low thyroid function, low2 body temperatures are common issues, often a result of not using iodized salt.
See thyroid basics sticky for more on this and check body temperatures.

5000iu vit-D3 is often needed

Please post more lab results and must have lab ranges too.

fT4 [please not t3, t4]
fasting cholesterol
fasting glucose


There are none.

There are no ways to increase T except taking T.

You're welcome.