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Test Levels Checked in Canada (Quebec)?

Hey guys, wandering around this forum to get some quality info, and every now and then I see people recommending guys to get their hormones checked and they just go to privatemedlabs or things like that.

I was wondering if any of you fellow Canadian (maybe even those in the province of quebec) knew how to get your hormones checked. I doubt you just go in a hospital and ask for hormonal testing.

Any cues?

It can become expensive if you go to a anti aging clinic here. They want a 1000 dollars up front and 300 every 3rd month. Plus ur lab work ect. I have found a few doc now but I am from southern Ontario and that’s a bit far for you. Ask your Md to check you out!!??

I don’t have any ‘‘familly doctor’’ as we say in french (yeah, I’m one of those French-Speaking Canadian). Seems weird to just go to the clinic and ask for a hormonal test.

Are u defensive of the fact that your French? I don’t care what language u speak or where ur from. I don’t like ur hockey teams though lol

No I’m not defensive at all, just saying the facts for those who like to bash on lil’ frenchies ahah! I hate the Canadians too ahah, we agree on that one.

Do you feel that your hormones are messed up?
Best reading to start is the advice for new guys sticky.