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Test Levels and Weight Management?

-25 yrs
-6’2" height
-38" waist
-211 lbs
-Thick body hair moderate facial hair, very thin hair on my head.
-Fat in my legs/stomach and chest
-I produce 0 test naturally, never will
-Test Cypionate(sp?) 200mg/mL 2x monthly, Testim 2% the second week of cycle.
-300-1100 ng/dl Range is 350-900ng/dl
-2000 cal/day, 213g Protein, 50g Fat, 166g Carbs
-Weights 3x weekly for 1hr each, cardio 3x weekly 25 mins.
-Erections seem normal

I just joined this site this morning because I�?�¢??m very confused on what is going with me on and my next Dr. appt is a month and a half away.
I’m starting to get down on myself and develop an eating disorder.

Anyway, a little background, 25yrs old, been on HRT for 13 of those years. I produce 0 test naturally and never will.
I’m taking 1mL of test Cypionate (sp?) 2x monthly and my levels are ranging terribly between 1100-300 ng/dl during those 2 weeks.

To counteract these large swings my endo put me on Testim 2% about 3 weeks ago. I started using one tube daily during the second week of my Cyp cycle to try to even out the lows. This puts me higher than 1100 ng/dl after I get my injection, probably closer to 1500 ng/dl but I’m not sure by how much. My doc wants me to wait 3 months before getting blood work.

I’m also into body building, it is the main focus in my life. My schedule permits weights 3x a week for at least an hour each and cardio 3x a week for 25 minutes each. Currently I’m trying to cut down body fat while keeping as much LBM as I can. Since I’m trying to set myself up for success I count cals/macros for everything I eat and when I do cardio I do not “eat back” the calories burned. Everything is tracked through Myfitnesspal.com

Here is why I am posting this here.
I’m 6’2" 211lbs and gaining weight on 2000 cal/day and I don’t understand why. The only thing I could think of is the additional test from Testim increasing my LBM even though I’m in caloric deficit.

I’m very afraid to cut calories any further as I’ve already been told that with my stats 2000 cal is already too low.
Does anyone else have similar experience gaining weight while on HRT and a calorie restricted diet?
What other information can I provide to help?

Have you read all of the stickies? Many things there that apply to you. Your doctor is an idiot.
hCG will not be of interest - I guess for your situation.

TRT is not a cycle, levels should be constant.

Post lab work.

You need to self inject 50mg twice a week. Your program is total crap.
Your estrogen levels are spiking.
Your weight problems and fat patterns can only get worse with elevated estrogen.

If your protocol had not changed and you feel that your hormones have, your liver may be involved and drugs can reduce the ability of the liver to clear estrogens. Drugs can be Rx, OTC or other things that put loads on the same enzyme pathways that also clear estrogens.

Where are you located? Perhaps some here can make recommendations.

I’ll be honest and say I have not read all of the stickies yet. I did read the one on the protocol for injections only after posting my initial questions.
After reading that, I would agree my schedule is beyond screwed up. Self injections have been a hangup for me for years but it sounds like I’m going to have to get over that if I want my quality of life to improve.
I will also agree my doctor is an idiot, my GP is useless, 2 of my endos have retired and the one I have now I have only been with for one visit. I would not hesitate to go to someone who is well versed in this sort of thing though.
When I get home from the gym I?ll post up my latest lab work for evaluation.

Currently I am located in Western Massachusetts

Here is what my last test results were with reference ranges
Glucose: 87 Ref: 70-109 mg/dl
BUN: 22 Ref: 6-20 mg/dl
Creatine: 1.25 Ref: 0.7-1.3 mg/dl
eGFR >60

Calcium: 10 Ref: 8.6-10.6 mg/dl
Total Protein: 7.3 Ref: 6.4-8.3 mg/dl
Albumin: 4.9 Ref: 3.7-5.0 g/dl
Alkaline Phosphate: 44 Ref: 40-142 iu/l
sgot (ast): 25 Ref: 10-41 iu/l
Bilirubin TOT: 0.8 Ref: .2-1.3 mg/dl
sgpt (alt): 24 Ref: 10-49 iu/l

Sodium: 144 Ref: 135-145 meq/l
Potassium: 4.4 Ref: 3.5-5.3 meq/l
Chloride: 106 Ref: 98-112 meq/L
CO2: 29 Ref: 20-32 meq/l
Anion Gap: 9 Ref: 5-15 meq/l

Lipid Profiles
Cholesterol: 123 mg/dl
Triglyceride: 77 mg/dl
HDL: 49 mg/dl
Calculated LDL: 63 mg/dl

Thyroxin (T4) free: 1.0 Ref: .7-1.9 ng/dl
T3 total: 93.1 Ref: 113-184 ng/dl
Thyroid Stim Horome: 1.12 Ref: .3-5.0 uIU/ml

Cortisol: 8 Ref: 3-17 ug/dl

WBC: 5.2 Ref: 4.0-11.0 k/mm3
RBC: 5.14 Ref: 4.2-5.8 m/ul
HGB: 15.9 Ref: 13-17.3 gm/dl
HCT: 49.1 Ref: 40-54%
MCV: 95.6 Ref: 83-96 fl
RDW: 12.8 Ref: 11.5-14.5%
PLT COUNT: 216 Ref: 140-440 k/ul

#NEUT: 3.4 Ref: 1.5-7.5 k/ul
#LYMPH: 1.5 Ref: 1-4.5 k/ul
#MONO: 0.3 Ref: 0-0.8 k/ul
#EOS: 0 Ref: 0-.4 k/ul
#BASO: 0 Ref: 0-.2 k/ul
%NEUT: 65.4%
%LYMPH: 28.1%
%MONO: 5.3% Ref: 0-15%
%EOS: .6% Ref: 0-5%
%BASO: .6% Ref: 0-2%

Testosterone, Total: 351 Ref: 300-950 ng/dl
Testostetone, free: 51.6 Ref: 35-155 pg/ml

This test was done around 9-10am.

I just got back from my endo appointment.
I must say that was probably one of the more frustrating experiences dealing with this.

I went in prepared, I had read the stickies and even printed out a list of the tests I wanted done based on the info that was in there.
He systematically shot them down one by one and told me that because the only thing missing from my system is test, that there would be no reason to check for anything else. What a crock of horse****.

He wasn’t willing to address any concern I brought up about weight fluctuation and where it is being deposited on me.
He completely ignored a twice weekly schedule for self injections and instead wants me to try once/week through his clinic and check back in 4 MONTHS.

He was totally against any sort of medication beyond test.
I’m done wasting time with this guy. This is the 3rd endo I’ve gone through and have yet to find one that actually wants to help.
If anyone has a suggestion for a good DR. for this sort of thing in the Western Ma area, shoot me a PM, I’m getting desperate.


I found a couple of people all the way across the state that can help me out.
It is one of those BodyLogicMD places, does anyone have experience with them?
They’re expensive but if it means my quality of life will improve, I’m in.

Has anyone had any luck getting their insurance to cover part/all of their treatment through one of those places?

Those places are very expensive and mostly give cookie cutter protocols from what I’ve seen, but they definitely are liberal in their approach. If that suits your needs, then go for it.

The only thing that sticks out a little which you may want to explore further is your thyroid.

Your TSH looks good at around 1. But your ft4 is low but in range, and your T3 is below range. Would be good to get your ft3 levels checked to see what that is doing considering low t3.

You may as well get your thyroid checked again if you can. tsh,ft3,ft4, anti tpo, anti tga.

You may be able to get the tests you need via body logic or you can try Private Med Labs (Google it).
I think its illegal in MA, but you could drive to Conn or NH to one of their locations where it isn’t illegal.
You can order the tests you need, and then post results here. There are many experts on this board
with actual first hand knowledge that would help you figure out your issues.
At a glance, I’d say you have E2 issues…easy to moderate, and you can get Ldex via the net, but you need to have the e2 test first.
Good Luck!