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Test Levels and Sex Drive

I was curious about how much testosterone levels affect sex drive. Also…does having an extremely high sex drive indicate high testosterone levels or can one have a high sex drive with high t levels? The reason i ask this is because im 18 years old…and I’m almost always horny…and i wanted to know if this indicates that my test levels are really high.

Test directly effects your drive. At 18 you should be feeling exactly the way you are.

There’s something seriously wrong with you if you aren’t always horny at 18.

Well the reason i asked is because the kid i always goto the gym with is my age…and i told him i think my test levels are high because im always horny…and hes like thats not normal im never really horny. But i still see him make decent gains so i wasnt sure if it had a direct correlation with test levels.

Test levels are correlated with sex drive but it’s not the only determinant. Estrogens, T3/T4, cortisol, prolactin, and DHT among others, can also affect sex drive so it’s not a pure indicator. So just because one has a higher sex drive doesn’t necessarily mean they will make better gains in the gym.

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I was on the quest for sub 10% bodyfat, and in doing so I cut calories to less than 1700 a day.

Acne, Sex Drive, Erections, all went goodbye.

I’m only 19.

Started adding refeeds and maintenance days to my weekly routine,

Acne, Sex Drive, Constant Erections, all back with a vengeance.

Testosterone is a good thing.