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Test Levels and Muscle-Building Ability

I have just a quick question, I’ve never been one to dabble into steroids, so I wouldnt really know how well they help you but I’m on clomid monotherapy to help bring up my levels, yes through a doctor.

Looking at my old test levels compared to now, would there be a significant gain in muscle building abilities or would it be not much to notice, I’m not sure so I thought I’d ask.

Before Clomid Monotherapy: 367 ng/dl (264-916ng/dl)

After (During) Clomid Monotherapy: 934 ng/dl (264-916ng/dl)

No, you wont have any peculiar advantage in building muscle with normal T values (934 is normal). You will have the same snail’s-pace muscle building ability as eugonadal men.

Somewhat disagree.

930 is high normal. Quite the advantage over a 300 reading.

I was 250-300 for YEARS while trying to bodybuild. This went on for 25 years, and I managed to build quite a physique… Basically just due to consistency over the long period of time.

When I went on TRT and got my levels to 800+, I made significant gains in a short period of time (which then leveled off).

SO I think the OP will make decent gains. Just not supra level gains with levels 2000+

@BrickHead @roscoe88

I agree that having your TT in the 900 range, doesn’t meant you will build muscle any faster than someone who has natural levels in the 900 range.

This is the part I don’t understand, but maybe someone does.

With TRT, your testosterone does not peak and valley everyday like it does naturally.

Its always high, even when sleeping. Does this affect anabolism or muscle growth in a different fashion? Interesting concept.

I think there would be a difference, in favor of TRT.

Insignificant fluctuations in the normal range or lack thereof don’t make a difference.

There are fluctuations in values with TRT too. So no one is becoming less anabolic at the end of the week while taking 100 mg T once per week.