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Test Levels After 10 Days- Dbol, Deca, and Test E

Hello all,

I just started a dbol, deca, and test e cycle roughly two weeks ago. Got bloodwork done 10 days into cycle to see where my test levels were and am pleased with the results! 5268.5 ng/dl! I know this is mainly from the dbol since the test e and deca haven’t kicked in yet, but I guess it’s safe to say this should be a fun cycle and I’m happy I found some good gear. I’ll keep the updates coming as this cycle goes on. Hope everyone had a great day.

I didn’t think that dbol would show up as testosterone on one of those tests. I know it’s test based but once you get the 17aa off of the molecule you are left with a molecule identical to EQs boldenone.

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My thoughts exactly. I’m not sure what else it could be since this was only ten days after starting cycle and the only other compounds I’m running are Deca and Test E.

I don’t know exact numbers or percentages but with any watered hormone there is a surge right after you inject. So you inject 200 mgs test c within hours your levels of testosterone in your blood rise. Within the first 2-3 days probably over a third of that shot is broken down and the ester is removed. Once the ester is removed the test is now free in your blood. I am pretty sure that blood work only shows free test not test with the ester still attached.

I am attaching a graph of what your testosterone levels look like taking one shot of 200 mgs of test c once a week. If you notice there is that surge right after your shot then it tapers down. The next week your levels are higher because of the remaining test c from the first shot. If you want to play with the graph it’s called steroidcalc just Google it.

I am willing to bet you got your blood work like the day or two after a shot of test.

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I appreciate that! I’ll be messing around with that calculator thanks! Yeah the bloodwork was done Monday and I shot 250 mg of Test E on Sunday. :joy:

If I remember correctly I saw someone else who was running deca with a low dose of test who had very high test levels.

Wonder if the deca causes false readings or something of the sort

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That’s a good question! I’ll do some research on that. Maybe someone else here can answer that!

I seem to remember reading deca can can cause a false high number but at this point in my journey I have read so much it’s easy to accidentally take parts from three different things and put them together. I have definitely read that certain hormones can cause false high numbers.


Jesus you really think this is helping? Are you just trying to cook yourself from the inside out.
It is cool that you are getting blood but you are really over doing it and if you keep this up your life will will be short lives. Lets see some pictures man what does 5269 ng/dL get you?

The thing is I’m not running a lot. 500mg/week Test E, 250mg/week Deca and 40mg/day Dbol… I wouldn’t say that’s exactly a high dosage of gear. Plus, pictures, I’m not using them for bodybuilding, I powerlift.

So what does that mean you are fat? I am sorry but your numbers are just too high IMO.
I wish you luck but as a fellow steroid user please be careful. We are here to help each other out not play the game of who can piss up the barn wall the highest. Sorry you may not get that if you aren’t old and grey like me. Honest man I am only here to try an help.

Admittedly I am not up on natural numbers. Your dose is about 5 times the high end of natural test, remember to subtract the ester weight to compare synthetic to natural numbers. So five times the high end of natural would be about 700 ng times 5 or 3500. So 5200 the day after you pinned seems about right especially if that deca is helping push that number up. Remember there is that surge after you pin. All I am getting at is the numbers seem within the realm of what could be expected especially if you are using UGL gear. That UGL gear is usually over dosed a bit or under dosed a bit, very seldom is it exact. Another thing to consider is are you splitting your dose each week or is it all at once?

I think your gear dose seems reasonable. Not reasonable for a first cycle but your total is about 1 Gram for the week and 1/4 of that is oral so it shouldn’t be there the whole time. Just watch how long you take that dbol. Get some milk thistle for your liver, they carry it at Walmart. If you continue down the road with orals in the future then get some TUDCA.

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I’m splitting my doses! Sunday and Thursday are the days that I pin. Also I’m about to finish up second week of dbol and only have two weeks remaining on it.