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I am brand new to this website. I have been lifting for about 1 yr. I am a 49 y/o male and have a test level of 680 is that good? I have lifted in the past and had decent results but I want to get bigger. I don't gain muscle easily. Can someone give me some no bull advice about test boosters and or whatever else it is that I need to start getting some muscle packed on. I don't want to spend money on supps that are all hype but don't work. Help please!!


TRT is not what you're looking for. It's about quality of life and health...what you're after is a steroid cycle. There's a very good steroid forum on this site.

"T boosters" are at best worthless, at worst dangerous. The genuine prohormones are all controlled substances just as anabolics are. I was foolish enough to take one briefly, all it did was jack my liver enzymes through the roof. Don't do it.

680 is not low for a 49 y/o. Mine was 302 at 26. Total T is only a small part of the picture, but that number alone is actually pretty good.


reidnez your comment in re to t-boosters are wrong and Biotest has outstanding boosters like Alpha Male,
Rez-V and Receptormax to help with testosterone.as for lelandr your test level is good and if you got any
other labs post them to see the whole picture. if you are looking to increase mass there are some good programs that you can search the archives to get results, and do not go on a cycle, unless that's your intention,then do so. but before you do check other options first to get an idea of what you need to do.


To answer your question. Yes 680 for a 49 yr old is above average. I went on TRT at age 56 and have been on for almost 4 years now and my level was 250 at that time. I also had have run cycles for almost 30 yrs.


Your post reads like an advertisement...just sayin.

I would personally never (again) take an OTC T-booster, prohormone, or 'legal gear' because the fact is, we just don't know enough about them. These companies are playing cat-and-mouse with DEA since the prohormone ban and the stuff comes on and off the market so fast there's no chance to study it. They are UN-REGULATED substances which means that, just like any other supplements, they could be effective, benign, or dangerous. Contrast that with medical T...very well studied, proven to be effective and safe when properly dosed and monitored, known dosage and purity...there's no contest.


680 is a good number for sure; although, as mentioned total T is not the whole picture. You could have low free T or high E2 which will limit gains. If you have more lab work, post it up.



after reading that so did i, and have used Alpha Male enough to know it's legit and took when my total Test

was 90.66(did not know until later when i had my blood checked for a different reason)

have you used their supps? me i'm loyal when i can afford it.


Ok so someone out there give me the real about Alpha Male. I will try anything once and see for myself. I would like some good HONEST information. If I feel like I'm being fed a sales pitch I probably won't respond. Please tell me I have found a website with some guys who take pride, have some integrity, and actually want to help a new guy. Thanks.


You already got 3 "someones" telling you the "real" about Alpha Male...what more do you want? How are we supposed to know how something is going to react in YOUR body? You didn't provide us jack dick worth of information on your health history, current hormone levels, current nutrition, anything, so how the fuck are we supposed to tell you what works? Its $50 a bottle...here's an idea--BUY IT AND SEE IF IT WORKS FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!! If you can't afford to possibly lose $100 for 2 bottles worth, then you are probably too poor to consider using it long term...

What the hell is it with people lately wanting a randomized double blind placebo control study of 600 participants before they try something?