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Test Level Questions

well, i just got some lab work back, and my total testosterone levels were at 3,500. apparently the range is 2,800 to 9,000. any idea where the average level per age group breaks down in there?

i am currently getting a new doc (appt is on Wed), since my current doc thinks these levels are okay, although i’m only 32. i was on Synthroid for about a year and a half, and it’s since normalized. of course, the doc also isn’t concerned about that.

i demanded a blood test to check my testosterone, but he didn’t check any of the other hormonal levels, to include DHEA (which i believe is the real issue), cortisol or estrogen. anyone have any links for TRT to help me out?



Are you in the USA… if so, do your own labs with LEF.org


There are also some good 24 urine tests, that must be ordered by your doctor.

What are the units?

What are your symptoms? Your T is low, but you need symptoms as well… and the right doctor.

Muscle loss
Fat gain
Female fat deposit patterns
social withdrawal - avoidance
falling asleep after meals
low libido
mood and depression problems
Any vision disturbances

PM with details if you don’t want to take details public.

Time line for the above and any blows to the head or whip lash that starts that time line?

Causes can be drugs, Rx, OTC, alcohol, smoking, heavy metals, fire retardants, too much grapefruit, low thyroid levels, elevated TSH, elevated prolactin, estrogen dominance, stimulants: cocaine, crack, ephedra, amphetamines…

Levels by age are broad and will not be very helpful.

Low T when young can be from damage to the pituitary or a growth. This warrants an investigation whereas old guys losses of T are assumed go be simple age related decline. Pituitary problems can involve the thyroid and other things, not just T.

TRT - in the over 35 forum. This forum is not the best place for this.

The biggest barrier is doctors.

I hate GP’s

Cool-moved it to the Over 35 section. I’ll try to answer your Q’s over there, KSman.

Thanks again,


after i got back from Iraq, my thyroid pretty much shut down. the only thing the docs checked were those levels, and put me on Synthoid for about a year and half. while that got my clinical blood levels corrected, i didn’t feel any better, and continued to gain weight (about 45lbs of FAT).

i recently went off Synthroid, and my throid levels are bck up, to where i don’t need medication.

however, i still feel lethargic, and suspected my test levels or DHEA. obviously the doc checked my Test, but nothing else (hence me geting a new doc).

my big problem is my lifestyle…i’ve been trying really hard to get back in to shape, but i’m sore for 2-3 days after i work out. i used to lift/run and do martial arts 6 days a week, for probably about a decade. now i’m lucky to get in 2-3 workouts.

does 3,500 for a 32 YO seem low to anyone? i’ve never had my t-levels checked before, so i really have no basis for comparison…

That is low for most guys your age.

If T and thyroid are both off, you need to have your pituitary checked. If you test for IGF-1 and that is low, then there could be a case of panhypopituitarism.

Weight gain is consistent with low T and elevated E.

Hypogonadism and hypothyroidism have a lot of symptoms in common.

okay, thanks for the input.

tommorrow (or i guess today) i’ll ask the new Doc for a full hormone profile, and go from there.

well, had my initial visit with the new doc, and he seems very receptive. he was confused why they didn’t run a full blood panel when they were pulling blood anyway, so i’m hopefull.

will keep y’all update with info/?'s as this develops.