Test Labs

Sorry if this has been covered but I searched “blood test” and went through 25 pages and came up with nothing.

Anyway, I’m looking to get some blood work done. I don’t have insurance so I can’t go to the doctor. Anyway, I need a basic blood test including my test profile before I contemplate starting a cycle. I’ve heard on other sites where you order a test and go to a Lab Corp site to have your blood drawn. Could someone point me towards a reasonably priced lab that has all the testing I need? Also, what tests specifically am I looking for.

Thanks for the help.

Check out the TRT forum. More info there.

there is a thread about blood tests. This section of the forum is dedicated to helping people with low testosterone trying to find an effective HRT treatment plan, not cycles.

I found some info on the TRT forums about what tests to be done. I still can’t find where to get a test done. Maybe someone can move this to the steroids forum. Thanks.