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Test Lab Results, Thoughts?

Please take oral temperatures. Avoid mouth breathing, talking, eating drinking for a while.

Im taking 2x Iodorals a day. 12.5mg a pill. How much should i increase it by and when?

How many mg’s of iodine have you taken so far?

I am concern that you may not be getting temperatures accurately.

i only did 1 reading under my arm, all of the rest were orally.

This morning (oral) was 96.3 - this evening (oral) was 97.7

idk how i could mess that up really.

i have taken 6 total caps of the Iodoral 12.5 formula.

I was taking 12.4 X 4 per day for around two weeks before my gut flora objected and I started to fast and get loose. I felt some effects after 100mg, but that was just the start. Took 10 days to get normal temps for me. So all may be early for your.

temps are slowly rising i think.

morning temps are in the high 96s to low 97s and the evening temps are in the high 97s, low 98s.

This AM temp: 96.7


Brain feeling clearer?

Its hard to tell.

some of my other symptoms are still there… including no hunger, spotty vision while reading or focusing sometimes.

I feel i have somewhat a loss of perephiral vision… any thoughts on this?

Only if T levels are down and prolactin elevated. [in my knowledge set]

I just don’t know. I really feel like shit lately. I’m reluctant to continue the iodine. Based on my labs i really don’t think thyroid could be an issue, could it?

temperature wise, my thermometer is crap. i take 3-4 readings and they vary by quite a bit. its a digital one.

Afternoon Temp today

98.4f - 98.6f

Morning Temp Today: 97.6 … not bad

How do you feel compared to a few weeks ago?

If I were you, I would stop the resveratrol and see if there is any improvement over the course of a month or two. Some people don’t react too well to even pure resveratrol, and many brands have crap ingredients with impurities, pesticides, and toxins. Resveratrol can also sometimes reduce estrogens too much, causing some of the symptoms you mention (given your high T, this is actually a strong possibility). There is a bunch of people on longecity.org who have gotten long-lasting autoimmune-type symptoms from resveratrol.

@seekonk i only took one bottle of Rez V, not taking it currently.

AM temp: 97.3
Afternoon Temp: 98.2
evening temp: 98.7

feeling tired today…

Hi Justin,

I am certainly biased because I have celiac disease myself, but I wanted to chime in to say maybe you should get tested for celiac. Lethargy and “head issues” are common celiac disease symptoms, and celiac disease has been estimated to be as common as 1 in 100 in the US. Couldn’t hurt to check.

There are many conditions that take away ones vitality.