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Test Lab Results/DHT Levels

Lab results (6/4/20, trough levels)
TT: 1103 ng/dl
FT: 268 pg/ml
Shbg: 18 nmol/l
Dht: 32 ng/dl
E2: wasn’t tested, considering that I respond to AIs strongly, my levels are probably within normal range.

Initially, when I started on a Trt protocol, I was taking 150 mg per week. That brought my test levels up to high normal levels and my dht comfortably within the normal range. However, at the time, my t:dht exceeded the normal ratio - that is 900ish:44. The doctor I was consulting at the time, Dr. Q, wanted to elevate my dose a bit higher to see if my t:dht would balance out. Currently, I take 180 mg per week. On this dose, my dht didn’t increase at all - it actually was lower on a higher dose. Additionally, I take between .75 to 1 mg per week of anastrozole based on how I feel. Could my lower dht levels be attributed to a higher conversion to estrogen rather than dht? Does it really matter considering that my dht is in the normal range? I don’t get it, do I need to make an adjustment in regards to my AI dosage? Or perhaps where I am at with my current levels is high enough (especially since my levels are probably much higher before my next injection/bloodwork) or am I worrying over nothing?

You are worrying about nothing because your body will send T down many different pathways and will try to balance everything out.

Are you trying to increase DHT cos you think it’ll make you feel better, or because you’re not happy with the lab number?

If you want more DHT get some cream . DHT is an amazing hormone I don’t blame you for wanting to raise it. Estrogen is even more amazing. Don’t fuck with it. Let it go.

Haven’t spoke on this in a long time, but it needs to be said.’from my view you are causing way more harm than good operating as you are.

Your body will never stabilize and get used to hormones if you continue this taking an ai depending on how you feel.

I highly suggest you man up and let the symptoms ride for 1-3 months. Water retention, libido and whatever else will come back to normal.

Men who have not touched their estrogen on TRT find success and feel great. They rarely complain on the forums about issues related to hormones.

Alternatively the guys who do fuck wit estrogen and constantly worried about this or that symptoms always complain and you can find them everywhere.

I can’t emphasize how important your estrogen is. Your doctor has literally no F clue what he’s doing if he hasn’t even researched estrogen and all of ifs benefits in men.

I would say around half of all the benefits we seek through TRT are from estrogen, next dht and then free t.

I would rather have healthy estrogen (strong heart, brain, skin, bones, lipids, arteries, libido) than dht.

Do the research stop following blindly. Just cause it sounds good does not mean it’s good.

Last point: not one of the TRT studies that showed the benefits of TRT in the past few decades did not use ai. Not one. Yet all studies showed benefits .

Search YouTube for jay Campbell , Keith Nichols, dr rouzier, anabolic doc and so many more.

Now go find a doctor who shows scientific reasoning behind usage of an ai. Not something that sounds good. Actually logical information.

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