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Test Kickstart Routine


Wondering if anyone can help me setting up a proper test-p kickstart to run a test-e cycle.

I'm thinking running test-p eod for first 2 weeks at 100mg alongside M-TR test-e pins. Drop test-p after 2 weeks continue 10 weeks on test-e then run test-p last 2 weeks again.

So something like:

Wk 1-2 - test p eod 100mg / test-e M-TR 250 x2
Wk 3-10 test-e 500mg
Wk 11-12 test-p 100mg eod
3 days after last test-p pin PCT.

Now where I get a little confused is... pinning both esters same day won't matter will it? Since on monday I will have to pin 250 E and 100 P.


Nope. Won’t matter at all. I would rather just frontload the test e though. 500mg twice on week 1. Either way it’s going to fully kick in near the end of week 2 to the start of week 3. Tried frontloading myself and it works.