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Test` is up!!! YEAH!!!


Driving home from town today and my car became surrounded with Harleys with porn stars on them, wearing just pants, boobs out for all to see. Fuck it was great. Amazing bodies and tits everywhere. i cant believe i didnt crash my car, sure is better than sitting at a computer with four eyed 100lb geeks surrounding me...
No idea who any of them were but the radio gave a blurb about it later today...
They were protesting over some law that means women cant walk around topless but men can. Basically it was a publicity stunt for a sex show on this weekend in Auckland(NZ).
oh, and it winter here, hehehehe


I hate you.


Sounds like a dream I had once.


Ahh, the good old women's rights protests.

I've only barely come into that lucky zone, one time I happened onto a public beach when some gals were protesting the shirtless thing in my state.

Problem was they were doing it by lying on their stomachs with signs in the sand next to them, and there was no media presence, so really it was a poorly done protest.


This thread is useless without pics

I had to say it


Here in Ontario, Can. it's legal for women to walk around in public topless.Nobody ever does it though. Sucks.