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Test Injections


Hey all
I have finally found a good hrt doc.He is recomending test cyp. inj. once weekly along with HCG once weekly,I was just wondering how many guys self inject and some good advice as to doing it myself.I thought i could do it at first, but now after the first inj. i'm not shure.A 23ga.1" needle is intimadating(in the delt!)Any advice would be great.BTW 2 Days after first inj. got morning wood for the first time in who knows how long!!! So far better feeling than gels.



I am doing cyp at 100mg per week and do site injections in my glutes using a 22g 1.5 inch needle. Since I am extremely sensitive to estrogen, 4 cyles 20 years ago with no PCT and some nasty gyno, I am using 1mg of arimidex on the day of the shot and 0.5mg of arimdex 3 days later. My doctor wants me to do a small amount of HCG daily but we have not started that yet.

Personally, I would use the glutes or the thighs for site injections.

Google the following for a link on the how to of site injections. "aas site injections". Also read the Steroid Nrewbie thread here at T-Nation.


If you want to ease the pain of the injections you could aske your doctor, or most likely buy a bottle from him of Gebauer's Ethyl Chloride spray. It's a cold numbing spray doctors use when they give injections. My doc uses them when he gives me my test cyp shot. I usually don't feel a thing. Here's a link to a pic of the product.



Thanx for the help so far,I guess part of the problem is just getting over the needle wuss phobia.One of my other docs used the EC. on me for a couple of cortasone shots(now that is a deep shot!!!)Is it difficult to do a butt shot yourself? How bad is it the day after?



The shots really aren't in your buttocks but more on the outer hip quadrant of the buttocks. Believe it or not the shot itself really doesn't hurt much at all. Also it depends if you get the deep muscular injection which uses a 1-1/2" needle, or a subcutaneous injection which uses a 5/8" needle. Usually they will use the smaller shot whan you are getting smaller amounts or testosterone.

I've gotten 100mg a week with a 5/8" needle which was realatively painless. The only thing is it takes longer to inject the testosterone because it is suspended in an oil. With the larger needle you can shoot larger amounts fairly quickly, but about an hour after the shot there may be a little soreness and some welling. Fairly minor though.

Trust me either shot isn't that bad if it's administered correctly and again, the ethyl chloride helps tremendously. If your needle phobic just have your doctor do it for you instead of doing it yourself.


i did test cyp injections on my own before..but now i get cyp from my Endo and the nurse gives me the shot,200mg every other week and i didnt feel anything no pain afterward either..Its better letting her do it ,only 5 minutes from my house no big deal..but its much better then androgel


I inject enanthate, and was told by several doctors that cypionate can be a more painful injection. I was self-administering with a 3 1/2" gauge into my thigh, which was not painful, but was very awkward. More importantly, my levels were not improving and I was advised that absorption is best in the glutes. You can't really self-administer there, so I get assistance. When administered, I often barely notice that the needle is in, so that's my recommendation.


I read on spotinjections.com that you should alternate the injection site. I don't think I'd trust myself with a 1 1/2" needle, esp lefthand, for a hip shot. Think I'll stick (no pun intended) with a pro.


As a side note,my RN friend told me to work the muscle that you get the inj. in and it will help the discomfort after an inj.I have tried it and it does seem to help.Maybe it also helps spread the oil out so it is not a single lump? just guessing.Any way give it a try,what's the worst that will happen,bigger muscles?


Here is what you need to do:

Get some 3cc syringes fixed with a 22 gauge needle. Also but seperate 25 gauge needles ONLY...no syringe. Use the needle / syringe combo to draw the test out of the vial and then toss the 22 guage head and replace with the 25 guage head. No pain or tissue trauma with the 25 guage needle....pain and trauma with the 22 guage needle. Toss all when done and use a new combo next time you inject.

VERY IMPORTANT...depending on how much body fat you have will determine the length of the needle. At least a 1" needle. I am slightly under 10% and I use a 1.5" needle and bury it...lol

I would go to one of the hardore body building sites to get detailed instructions on proper imnjection preocedures. Try elitefitness.com and go to the forums and search under "injections".