Test Injections + Gel

Seems to me the best TRT protocol would include Injections (2x weekly) + Gel (Daily). Example protocol:
75 mg Test Cyp injection, Sun and Wed (150 mg weekly)
4 pumps Androgel, Daily (10% absorption rate = approx 56 mg weekly)

Total weekly test = 206 mg
The primary advantage of this protocol: the daily gel smooths out the injection variances between shots

No comments/experience?

It isn’t.

TRT is Androgel for 5-10 g per day or T cyp at 100 mg per week.

There is not a serious urologist who would prescribe your idea.

Forget levels/dosages for a minute - the daily gel would help smooth out the peaks and valleys of weekly/bi-weekly injections. Thisnis the point

There is no point in doing so.

And 200 mg per week is twice a clinical dose.

Ya so you’d need to start out on a lower dose, get checked and go from there.

Some outliers require more (or less) testosterone as not everyone harbors identical enzymatic/metabolic pathways

Also… there’s no point in doing the gel + injections. I see what you are trying to do… but if mimicking natural circadium rhythm is THAT important to you then you’d just use the gel

Obviously there are drawbacks to the gels and injections. Injections can hurt, I use my pre packaged 19 gauge needle and each shot leaves me with a nice welt, bruising and irritation of the site that has been injected. This lasts for around one week.

You can use smaller gauge needles, depending on how viscous your generic brand of T is (country to country) you may be able to get away with preloading an insulin syringe. That is a virtually painless injection.

One can fail to absorb a gel if they shower or exercise within a few hours post application. It takes roughly 6 hours to fully absorb testosterone gel, and if you have autonomic dysfunction i.e hyperhidrosis, gel’s probably won’t work for you.

For most, 206mg/wk is more than what is required to replace testosterone. The average male will produce say… 5-10mgs of pure T per day (equivalent). Cleave the ester of test E/C and you are left with roughly 70mgs of test per 100mg, or 35mg per 50mg. 100mg/wk is usually enough to get someone to mid-high normal.

Androgel (provided it is absorbed properly) equates to 5mg/day on the 5g dose and 10mg/day on the 10g dose (50mg test C/E vs 100mg test C/E respectively). It’s not “spot on” because absorption rates differ and increase in testosterone is not usually in perfect correlation to dose escalation.

If you are an outlier who needs 200mg/wk… you’d need the shots or a compounded cream.


This is a ridiculous statement; so you are suggesting 100 mg per week is the MAXIMUM “clinical dose.”
My doc has me (currently) on 150 mg per week and my total test at last blood draw was 550.

And how important is Total Test to your well being? Sounds like you are rehashing a 10month old thread with a beginners understanding of hormones.