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Test Injection and SERM


I was wondering if you guys have any experience with a very low dose SERM along with
enanthate or cypionate to elevate LH instead of using HCG.. (some docs won't Rx HCG) but are fine with SERM.. Ohhhh ya .. while on T , I hated having soft nads.

I am currently trying to get back to baseline with nothing.. and see where I stand.
How and feel and how my bloods look..
Its been 8months since my last Clomid..


You can try it. My standard advice is to use Nolvadex because some get sides with Clomid.

You can test LH/FSH to see how well it works. You do not want LH too high. Some cases of secondary hypogonadism might not respond.


KS man,

First thanks for the reply…
Also I didn’t intend ONLY clomid…

I have used it in the past and I do feel its sides…

While taking solely 25mg Clomid EOD my labs show LH and FSH above normal ranges… Expecially LH…


You can use Nolvadex and will not have those side effects, same dosing. You can try 10mg ED or EOD and monitor LH/FSH.
When LH is high, T–>E2 inside the testes can be high and that cannot be controlled with anastrozole. Do not assume that a SERM protects all tissues from all effects of E2, simply not true and E2 still runs mechanical interference at T receptors. You still should strive for E2 near 22pg/ml when on a SERM. Note that low dose SERM and E2 levels are both players with the hypothalamus-pituitary game. So there is a combined balance.