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Test Info. Which is Best?


Looking to doing my first run of Test. I'm 6'2" will be down to about 260 from 300lbs. I want one that will give me the best lean muscle gain without the water retention etc. Which would be best? Sust, enth, cyp, prop?

Secondly whats better Arimidex or Novaldex. I'g getting a lot of mixed and conflicting messages out there.


No way test (enan/cyp) for a cutting cycle. You will balloon! Don't know about sust but I think Propionate is the way to go if you don't mind the frequent injections. Add a bit of anavar on top and you're golden.

Adex on cycle, nolva for PCT.


Funmetal wrote:
"No way test (enan/cyp) for a cutting cycle."

Why not? I see just as much water retention from Enanthate as I do Propionate. A strict diet and aromatase inhibitor will help to control bloat.

Though I really don't see the negative in holding a little water while dieting. Even if prepping for a contest, dropping the Test a certain amount of time before hand (depending on the ester), and prefferably replacing it with something like Masteron, would be just fine.

You could even use a longer ester Test through the majority of your cut and then switch to Prop for a few weeks, then drop that and add the Masteron.

The same could be said if competing in a sport where a certain weight class is desired.


They are two different things. Check out the SERM and AI sticky.


Your not going to see much bloat with any test if your using a strong AI like letro or even adex properly dosed.


an aromatase inhibitor makes much more sense to me, if you are looking for leaner gains. Whats the point of letting some of your test be converted to estrogen and then just blocking the receptors? If dosed properly you can get enough Estrogen for its positive properties, but not the negative ones..


Im wondering if people are ever going to figure out that its not the products that you use, but the diet you maintain while on cycle that truly determines what will be accomplished by the cycle itself.

500mg a week of any type of test is a cutting cycle while on the right diet. It will in turn allow you to keep more of your hard earned muscle while your body is in a calorie deficit. As well as not going catabolic while doing extra cardio during this cutting period.


They learn from AAS vets on forums. Nice to see you're still around.


Cool I didn't know that about Prop. So it's more like enan just acting quicker? Then why is it so often touted as the cutting solution?

About Masteron. Can you take it on it's own?

And sure diet is super important. Carb control for one is important for me.



My response was one of personal experience. I do believe esters have an effect on a drug's action in the body and some people do see less water retention with the Propionate ester. This could be one reason it is so highly touted as a cutting drug.

But I believe shorter esters are more popular for cutting because one will build up steady blood levels much much quicker. This allows one to take advantage of the effects of the drug through nearly an entire diet phase as opposed to waiting 4-5 weeks for a longer ester to "kick-in".

Shorter esters will also clear the body much quicker. If you were prepping for a BB comp, you would want to drop as much extra water as you could. I'm not in any way a BB or an expert in that area though. Or perhaps one would want the drug to clear the body fast in anticipation of a drug test.

Yes, Masteron can be taken alone. It is one of my favorite three drugs. I get strong as all holy hell on it, but I do sacrifice many hair follicles with it!





IMVHO, why do you feel you have the experience or dare i say right to give the BAD advice you did, when you dont know the basic things you asked a couple posts later?

Please refrain from repeating 'advice' just because it is commonly repeated 'bro knowledge', in favour for much more experienced and honestly fundamentally educated posters.

If a million people say blue is green does it make it green?



Sure I only know about enan and cyp since I have experience with enan (cyp basically being longer acting). And yes what I knew about Prop is "bro knowledge", being a short acting ester. But I don't think I was as you put it "carving it into stone" as the only truth. If it was perceived as such - I apologize.

Whenever I take enan I balloon. No matter what. I take adex and I still balloon.

Now what do you think about Prop? Being a contestor what would you recommend? Would you go for Masteron? Yes I am interested.



If i HAD to choose a test, i would actually go with the prop - it HAS been my experience that with the same diet and shit, prop is less flabby and watery than cyp for me.

Prop seems to hold less for me than cyp - although as lilguy i think it was who said, diet can sort that right out either way.
NPP apparently holds less than Deca, although good deca should not put too much subcut - primarily joints (unseen) and face.. not under the skin.
And Primo Enanth is rumoured to give a slight more water retention than its oral acetate counterpart.. making it seem more effective - how true? fuck knows. Prolly just due to the fact it IS more damn effective.

However, if i didnt HAVE to use a test and just thought i had to due to a sniff of ignorance on my part - i would surely use Masteron.
DHT, Strength, Aggression, Minimal weight gain but no water or aromatase affinity.

(and i didnt say carved in stone, so you cant quote that) :wink:



I like what I hear about Masteron Propionate.


When I used to speak more freely about steriod use I would of been the first to admit that I much more enjoy using prop over enathate. The quick kick and almost immediate weight gain is incredible. The rate at which it clears the system and allows you to start to road to recovery also fascinates me.

150mg prop, 50mg dros prop and 30mg of d bol per day I once read is an incredible combination where one rather experienced in lifting and nutrition may just gain 18 lbs within the first two weeks. And hopefully another 20+ in next 8 following.


Firstly, pardon me, you are coming down from 300lbs. If you are indeed solely made of lean muscle, which is my guess, why the fuck would you ask what is better (tests and dex and nolva). I'm sure your body is a pure testament to your dedication and applied knowledge regarding mentioned drugs. Just curious.


My pitch would have to be a Deca and Masteron cycle.


Both together and with no test base? You selected enanthate, masteron, and dbol in your tri-fecta.


Huh? A trifecta IS test, deca and dbol.

anyway, masteron needs no test base - as it supplies the DHT which is the ONLY reason that test is used as a base in certain situations..
I personally cannot see the point of running mast with test.. increased aggression and strength but no real extra anabolism - you'd choose tren instead i think.

(If BR is right about tren not being progestinogenic, but just causing too low a estrogenic level then mast might not help with the sex drive alone... as SOME estrogen would be necessary.. mast, tren and eq? nope - you'd just use tren and test again. Its a puzzler, and i am rambling!)

Proviron, Testosterone and Masteron can all be used for the purpose of DHT.

Obviously proviron is useless an an anabolic but i have run many deca and prov cycles where libido stayed solid and mood and everything was cool..

i remember my first deca cycle. 6 weeks of 200mg norma. My dealer suggested i might need proviron but i couldnt afford. by week 3 i was begging for it.
It provided the DHT or androgenic base that was needed.. (DHN being nandrolone's much weaker - and benefically so in its specific use - androgenic component)



My bad on your tri-fecta. As you can see I am researching my next cycle for late winter or spring. I am looking for a cycle that will give me plenty of training drive, focus, and agression, constant good libido, good morale, strength and size.