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Test in Last 3 Weeks of T-Bol Cycle

Hi, long-term reader, first-time poster here.

I was looking for some advice on a theory I have for using Test at the end of a Tbol cycle. I’ve researched the forums and can’t see where it’s been done before.

Background: 37yr old, 6’1, 200lbs, been lifting since I was 22yrs old, and have a good diet and training regime.
Context: I started my first AAS course this month. I’m not looking for a dramatic change, just wanted to gain a little bit of size and definition and keep these post cycle. As I’m susceptible to MPB, I have just started a T-Bol only cycle, just 40mg per day. Happy to increase this if it’s not producing any results, but I’m happy to play it safe for my 1st cycle and be sensible.
Query: I appreciate that T-Bol leads to a reduction in Test levels, particularly in Weeks 4,5,6 (I’m doing a 6 week cycle). I wanted to avoid too much TRT due to susceptibility to MPB however, would it be logical and beneficial to add c.250mg-300mg Test just in Weeks 4-6 to offset the reduced natural Test levels in this period, and perhaps carry this on into the 1st week of the PCT period? I’m hopeful that this will help me offset some sides in Weeks 4,5,6 and aid maintenance of any muscle growth post-cycle. I’d appreciate any thoughts or views on this please! Naturally, I would add Fin during the period to combat the MPB risk.

Why werent you on Test the entire time? Tbol only cycle? You dont know enough to be running these compounds. Adding Test at the end is only going to shut you down harder… Just do PCT and put the drugs down and read some info. You have a lot to learn before attempting a real cycle

BTW Tbol will cause hair loss also. Read before you make decisions with dangerous drugs

You know just enough to be dangerous. That’s not a good place to be. And adding finasteride because you’re so vain that you’d rather have hair but no working penis? That’s utterly insane. This whole thing reads like a lazy version of someone trolling. Sadly I believe that you’re serious.


When I got all my gear in the mail they sent me finasteride along with everything else I ordered. I didn’t order it so I’m not sure why it got sent then I read up on it and threw it in the garbage. Rather have no hair than my dong not work

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Now that that’s out of the way…

I’ve done multiple t-bol only cycles, both before and after starting TRT. It is my go-to when I want a little ‘extra’ but nothing drastic. 40mg per day should do you very nicely, it doesn’t aromatise so you shouldn’t have any issue with water retention, and the gains from it are not hard to keep after stopping.

I do agree with the above on one thing, three weeks of test at the end will only shut you down harder, so there’s no reason to do it. Just continue the tbol as you are doing, and do a proper nolva PCT at the end. FWIW, I’ve done tbol-only cycles with no PCT and had no issue recovering. Not telling you to go that route, just saying. I don’t know anything about finasteride as I’ve never used it, but I would definitely look into the ED issues before taking it.

Also, and this is purely self-anecdotal. A couple months ago I ran out of my TRT test e and couldn’t get any more for a few weeks. I took either 10 or 20 mg tbol daily (don’t recall which it was) until I was able to get back on test and experienced no side effects that I could specifically point at. No ED, libido was normal, etc. I’m sure something might have been out of whack had I been able to do bloods, but as far as quality of life I saw no problems. They say something like 10mg daily of dbol is sufficient test replacement for the average male. Tbol is a ‘kinder, gentler’ version of dbol, so it stands to reason that it would have similar effects.

Yeah “welcome to the forum” hey? :joy:

Thank you for the advice boatguy, it’s exactly what I was looking for. I’ll stick to the tbol only cycle for now with the nolva pct and see how that lands. I appreciate you making the time to reply.