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Test, HTPA Restart Please Help


Hey guys, first of all thanks for reading, any advice appreciated.
I will keep it simple and short.

  • I am 21 now
  • first cycle at 19
  • 2 cycles in total
  • 3rd one started 2 months ago and stopped after few days saying I quit roids
  • I did 2 long 6 month simple TEST oral cycles
  • first was awesome
  • second not so much and has made me a mess
  • 4 months after 2nd one I felt still horrible, I was in emotional crisis
  • now I feel much better but weak, sleep 11-12hrs day, cannot train cos I feel tired and my muscles are weak as hell (almost like in pain, not like a soreness)

I went to a doc, did not get much help and I not paying big money to talk to other specialist docs as I am broke and believe this is just matter of good restart protocol, time and effort.

My TEST was extremely low (290 or so)
Estriadol was normal as well as thyroid

I have just got PCT on my hands (power pct protocol) but my source has forgot to send me Clomid.
I realised that after I injected myself 2000iu of HCG.

People have low test and go to the gym and do fine but I cannot. I think this is problem with LH\pituitary glands\HTPA or similar.

Now what is my question?

  1. how do I go about feeling like I felt before my 1st cycle 2.5 years ago (I felt strong, active and more positive but mostly more active and did not need much sleep now I feel tired and sooo weak in gym, its like I feel my muscles being weak and in pain, literally)

  2. do I wait till my source send me clomid and do everything together as it should be or do I continue HCG now with tamoxifen and then throw in clomid when it arrives in 10-14days?

All I want is just feel good again, more then anything.
I wanna be strong naturally as I was before my 1st cycle.
Please guys, anybody give some advice, I will really appreciate it!

Cheers fellas!


First off calm down your more then likely going to be fine and recover. You put a strong substance in your body that greatly altered your natural body chemistry. There are going to be consequences. But you will recover its just going to take some time.

Go ahead and start your pct with your HCG and tamoxifen and add the clomid when it gets there if you want. You know what doses are typical during a pct?

You probably will still be somewhat dissatisfied once you recover because you more then likely won’t look or perform the way you did when you were on. Once you touch gear it kind of changes your perceptions on how you should look, feel and perform.

Keep going to the gym but set new goals. When I came off gear I knew I wasn’t going to be as strong. So instead of lets say going to squat 405 or more for reps I would focus on doing 225 lb squats 4 sets of 20 rep with immaculate form and pauses on the bottom. These new goals will help you continue to progress despite being off gear.

best of luck.


thx for for reply and support Oglebee!

yeah I know what dosages I am doing normally, this time I wanna do power pct by Dr Scally tho.

and you are right, Its been a while since I left gear so I am okay with not performing the way you do while on cycle. Problem is (as this explains my worries) I feel (its getting better, but recently felt) very bad overall as a human being - my knees hurts, sleep is very bad, I had big depression which is gona so mainly now problems I have is that my body (hormonal system) is a wreck. I do appreciate your support but my T levels are almost zero, my other primary hormones are not balancing too so thats why I am worried. thanks again for your reply


really? no replies? and I thought I would get some help over here…


Personally I see a restart as testosterone replacement more than a gear thing. Read this then post on the replacement therapy forum