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Test HRT for 26 y/o


hi i been trying to configure myself a cycle for trt here are my lab results

with a reference range 1.5ng/ml-11.38ng/ml
i have very low libido ,i always had abdomen fat but i never been fat all around , i have body and facil hair.
i never been able to develop much muscle even as i trained for almost a year i never had too much muscle alotugh i have a big frame.

i tried androgel(lowtiyel ) and felt GREAT , but is kinda expensive , so i been trying primotesto ( enanathe). heres my dosage

1mg arimidex a week divided in 1/2 pill every 3 days.
250mg primoteston .5cc on monday .5 cc on thursday
1ml of hcg once a week.

but i been feeling a better then before but i felt a lot better while on androgel . better sex drive , my mood was very calm.

any ideas?


That is way too much testosterone ethanate. [Please do not use brand names, we do not know what that is without searching.]

hCG is dosed by IU's, not ml's. 1000iu/week is a reasonable amount.

That is probably not enough anastrozole to control that much T. Anastrozole needs are proportional to T levels, and more specifically to FT or bio-T. You will probably get elevated E and associated issues.

There are some early effects which are strong and transient. Things settle down after a while. Elevated estradiol can reduce effects of T, by a large amount in some cases.

hCG and anastrozole will work better with EOD dosing. If you do that, EOD T injections may make a better routine.

Have you been doing steroid cycles?