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Test Higher After PCT

I’ve been on PCT for a 6 week anavar-only cycle. 50mg ED for first 4 weeks, 70 for last two. I gained 12 solid pounds and I was very pleased with it. I am taking 40mg nolva ED for PCT, and I think my test is now higher than it was pre-cycle. I haven’t lost a single pound, and I have been making strength gains in the gym as much as I was on the anavar! My sex drive was unchanged during the cycle, but since the first night after the nolva, I’ve had great morning erections every morning, which I didn’t pre-cycle. I think this cycle was the best money I’ve ever spent.

I don’t have any questions, just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. Also just to recommend the anavar cycle as a first cycle. Many people claim every cycle needs a test base, but I couldn’t really ask for better gains than I got with virtually no side effects. Why bring out the powerful drugs early?

Good feedback, thanks for sharing your experience. Nice to know it worked so well.

Just one point: I know anavar has a reputation for being not that strong, but I suspect this is because of the low doses usually used (because of cost). According to Anabolex.com, its anabolic rating is 322-630 (don’t know why it gives a range), compared to 100 for test, 90-210 for dbol or 1900!! for halo. This makes it pretty powerful stuff in my book.

The other reason for people rating var as not that strong is probably that it is not very androgenic. Of course, this is one of the main reasons it is so low on sides.

For those who want minimum sides and have the depth of wallet to handle the expense, var is an excellent choice IMO.