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Test, HGH, Anavar Cycle

Hi guys!
Long time lurker, first time poster.
As my name may disclose, english is not my native tounge,
Bare with me!

So, i´ve been on 2ui HGH and 250mg test E e5d for the last 2 months for the physical and mental benefits. Even though i havent been able to work out it has been worth every penny, considering my personal shit storm lately. Stupid? Yeah, sure. Rip all you like!

Im finally back hitting the gym and my plan was to keep at these doses for about another 8 months, but recent events have left me with a lot of paid, free time. 7 months to be exact.
As it is now, i´ve got at least the next 3 months that i can dedicate fully to working out twice a day and eating clean. Naturally i got to thinking. Maybe i should reconsider my game plan?
Since there arent any serious swedish forums, im turning to you guys.
Add a blast for the next 3 months or just keep it steady?

On hand:
500ui Genotropin pens, 50ml á 250mg test E, 80pcs 50mg anavar and open for further purshaces (but rather that it didnt include more hgh, starting to get hard to justify =) Also have arimidex, hcg, nolva in good measure.

Seem to have be prone to gyno and bloat. Hence the anavar and not Dbol, for instance.

Original plan:
350mg test/week and 2ui hgh for about 8 months. Also 25mg/60d anavar/ at least 60d rest from orals/ 50mg/60d anavar.

Cycle purpose: Somewhat lean gains without moonface over an extended period.

Curios on hearing you guys thoughts!
How would you play it?


How about 8 weeks? Then cruise on 150-200mg test + 1-2iu HGH for 12 weeks, then repeat. Increase the test to 400-500mg for the second cycle, add 6 weeks of Var anytime, then go back down and cruise again.

Dad, it’s me, your son.

You Nordic folks have it so good.

I love this plan. Low doses, mild substances, a desire to take it slow and not do anything stupid…it’s almost like you spent some time thinking this through. You should 100% do a six week run of anavar, keep the test steady, and up the GH to 3iu/d for as long as you can afford it. That’s like the high IQ slow, lean gains stack right there. Go for it.


This is a lot of impact to your muscles. Even with the GH, recovery is going to be tough. I know at your age, it seems like more is better in the gym but eating and sleeping and just plain time away from the gym is critical to muscle growth.

You need to plan for time away from the gym.

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Hi @swoops39 ! Thanks for your input. Im looking to get the most out of my run and im not really in a place where i can afford to ride the hormonal-rollercoaster. Im pretty certain i can tough it out on 350/week with few or no side´s and i have no need to count my pennies (atm). As long as the dose doesnt come to result in a health risk or too heavy sides, im not dropping below 350. Might be upping the dose to 500 for a blast but i havent made up my mind yet. Are there benefits to your layup that im missing?

The benefits are health related. Cruising on 150-200mg weekly then blasting 500mg for 8-12 weeks then back to cruise dose. You’ll avoid the ‘rollercoaster’ by B&C instead of coming off and doing PCT.

I would base your cruise on health markers, not just side effect. If BP, RBC, H/H, lipids, liver, etc all come back healthy at 350mg, then you might be ok cruising at that level. My guess would be they won’t look great tho.

I’m just thinking longevity while still getting good results, good blasts, keep your gains while cruising

By the looks of your profile pic, i must be Benjamin Button if your my son.
Nice try though :wink:

If you by good mean: having your fiance turning severely mentally ill and being forced to sell the house. Leaving you as a soul caretaker of your two kids and having to be the one to stay at home with them due to all the corona restrictions on day care. Then because of this pissing of your employer to the extent that he rather pay you to get the fuck out of the job than keep you on, then yes.
Ive got it fucking made, brother. Got luck falling out of my pockets over here!
But you know me, im not complaining.

Careful now, that is sounding an awful lot like a compliment.

Im glad you like my approach, Yup.
I have been giving it some thought, actually.
@studhammer Since im alone with the kids im counting on that i will have some days/weeks when i wont make it to the gym. Thats why im thinking 2 times/day, i need to get it done while i can. Naturally, im not cheating myself on some much needed RnR but i feel 7 days is to long a rest, if i can help it.

I will take you up on that and up the dose to 3ui ed but might be going for a blast on the test for 3months then back to 350. Curious to see what the gh gives and cosidering its $200/pen im not in the mood of wimping out. On another note, it been bugging me that i havent found any good serious mass builder that doesnt get my gyno flaring right of the bat. After a conversation with a friend earlier today, ive been leaning on adding Superdrol spurts like 20-30mg for 3-4 weeks and saving the anavar for the spring cutting. Havent tried Sdrol before and maybe the curiosity actually kills the cat, but what if the cat gets ripped as fuck. Im intrigued.
Any in-house Sdrol experience?

Much appriciated that you guys have been granting me some of your precious time!

(Dont think that i havent noticed how easy it is to get gear-greedy. Please stop me if i start talking in grams)


Point taken.
We nordic guys might be set (@iron_yuppie) but risk free check-ups are in short supply, as far as i know. Gonna see if i can find a private practice to get my blood work done asap.

I´m 35 btw

I’m 55. so my statement still stands LOL


Goddamn, dude. That’s all just terrible. I’m very sorry to hear about every single bit of that.

Hahaha dont worry about it, man. I dont.
Could´nt help myself when you set me up like that. =)

Gonna get blood work done next week.
If that looks good im gonna start the orals.

Still on the fence between Sdrol and anavar.

@studhammer and @iron_yuppie,

Do you guys think results are possible on HGH at 2-3 ui vs 4-6 on a blast. Just curious, I recently spent about $400 on bunk gear and am thinking if I get more of running it at 2-3, which would be more affordable and last longer.

I have to speak from my own experience. When I ran 5 iu/day for 90 days it was like a diet in a bottle. I didnt do any cardio and didnt really modify my diet to anything related to fat loss and I lost a ton of fat. My waist went down about 4 inches I think. Now, that I’m cruising at 2 - 3 iu/day, its pretty much maintenance and recovery. Not saying that’s not good but the impacts to composition are definitely different.

Got it. I think once I find the real stuff priced reasonable I will stockpile enough to blast it then. The fat loss is really what I am looking for. Thank you.

Is the fat loss pretty standard for a growth cycle?

@willybrokeback and @wanna_be

I should clarify that I believe that due to terrible sleep apnea, my own GH production was in the shitter. Adding exogenous GH may have been what I needed to kick start my fat loss.

I don’t to be accused of not sharing everything I know. Like all things guys, you gotta do some more research before spending the kind of money GH costs.

Here’s my post on it with before and after pics

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I have pretty bad apnea (91 apneas per hour at the clinic), but I have been on a cpap for a quite a while now. But when I was tested it was pretty low. I think I have the lab somewhere. That is how I realized the gear was bunk.

Damn, you sure put this “young” buck to shame.
Great shape man! Fun reading too, great piece.
Kind of makes me wanna up the HGH.
Wasnt planning on making this a report but figured a public shaming might be a good deterrent to slacking off and falling furhter behind The Hammer. :grinning:

After hearing you guys out ive landed in this:

Week 1: (Day 1)
250mg test e4d instead of e5d, because i experienced a drop in mood and energy on the 5th.
3ui hgh every morning for at least a month and evaluate results, might up to 4-5ui after that.
25mg anavar for at least a month and evaluate results, might up to 50mg after that.
1h cardio every morning: monday-friday.
Afternoon workout: monday-friday

Started the var ahead of receiving the blood screen results. If it doesnt look good i will drop the orals and maybe lower the doses until ive recovered.

Gonna post a pic once a week during the cycle and i expect you guys to be nice. :wink:
Im out of shape and i know that ive not reached my genetic pontential natty and so on and so forth. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, any constructive criticism is more than welcome.