Test Headaches?

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As I said possibly enough to cause headaches. HBP may or may not be the answer. Do you have any other ideas?[/quote]

hard to say, some guys just have high blood pressure… my friend does, he’s 6’1 170 no juice or any other drugs…

just bad genetics[/quote]

As do I runs in my family but, Test does raise it more. However to day went for my second checkup and am finally looking good 144/64 much improved.

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So here’s an update. I went to Walgreens yesterday and bought a BP monitor. i checked BP throughout the day and this morning. It seems to be averaging around 140/85. slight headache throughout the day where my neck and head meet. It intensifies like crazy if I get sexually aroused. [/quote]

Head and neck of what?

Your blood pressure is not that high. High blood pressure is known as the silent killer because it does not cause symptoms, so the headache is probably from something else. You straining your neck at the pool or the beach?

Put healthy doses of broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, onions with apple cider vinegar and extra virgin olive oil as a dressing in you meal plan at least once if not twice a day. Eliminate caffeine intake. Make yourself walk if not doing cardio. These will all definitely bring bp down within a week.

Have you asked doctor about low dose aspirin? Low dose is easier on stomach than taking a full dose it but it still reduces the clumping action of platelets that can block arteries.

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I did pick up some arimidex and took .5 yesterday at lunch and .25 this morning. not much seems to have changed yet though. [/quote]

Arimidex doesn’t work that fast ! Give it time and trust that it is doing what it does. Be thankful that these guys are giving you the straight poop (no supreme court pride joke intended)about managing estrogen levels. What’s your body fat%? High bf can make controlling estrogen a nightmare.

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Just check my temp and its at 96.7. Funny I feel warm and flushed.[/quote]

You have trouble breathing in the summer? Are you diabetic? Any heart trouble? It’s why I emphasized the low dose aspirin.

Thanks for the help guys. The people on this site are awesome. Headaches seam to be decreasing a little. Yesterdays workout was the first one that felt improved. Strength went way up. Bp was 148/93 this morning but went down to 128/80 by lunch. Not sure why that is. Still have that slight hangover feeling where my neck and skull meet. Libido sucks but still can get it up. Is that normal? I thought Test would make you horny as crap.

Well BP is 120/80 resting. My lower number goes up to mid to upper 90s when excited. (intense exercise or sexually aroused.) If I orgasm The headache is almost unbearable. heart rate never even comes close to being off the chart. Never has. Any ideas?