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Test, HCG, and Arimidex for TRT


So I've read that the Testosterone HCG Arimidex trifecta is the best way to go when on TRT. I'm currently taking Testim and Arimidex and I still kinda feel like shite, should I ask for HCG?


yes, in general HCG is considered a critical part of HRT, but in reality, it all depends.

what are your test results?

what are your symptoms?


Still having a difficult time with erections, I still get them but when I stop having sex, it goes down, when she rides me for more than 10 min, it goes down. Refractory period is longer, testes feel smaller. The below numbers were when I was taking 2 tubes of Testim and .50 mg of Adex E3D. I have since adjusted it to 1.5 tubes of Testim and .25 mg of Adex E3D. It almost seems as if I had more ejaculate when I wasn't on TRT, I could cum like 3 times in 2 hours, now I'm lucky if I cum twice in 4 hours. WTF, very frustrated.

Estradiol: <10
LH: 2.8 MIU/ML


If you do not have a demonstrated need for arimidex, DO NOT TAKE IT. It is more important to know your E2 levels before starting TRT. If E2 levels are not high, you should cease all arimidex use and retest bloodwork in the 6 weeks to see how your E2 levels respond to TRT. Very few men can achieve and maintain erections with E2 levels <10 pg/dL.



E2 is low, hence libido issues. Take a week off the adex to allow it to rebound, then restart. Throwing more test on the fire isn't going to help - might back that down a bit.
hCG increases "sense of well-being" for most. Most also report "feeling better" with it - I would certainly ask for it. Plus, it will keep your own natural production going and keep the testes from shrinking. I know I feel 10x better with it than without.


I went and saw another Dr and he doesn't want to put me on HCG, he told me to stop Testim and Adex and he started me on 25mg of Clomid daily to avoid total shutdown. This is what i wanted to try in the first place but the first Dr was against it and just started me on TRT right away. Neither Dr will put me on HCG, any recommendations will be helpful.


You may be an anastrozole over-responder and most if the time, restarting at 1/4th of the expected dose is a good way to go. Stop for 5-6 days then go with the lower dose.

Stopping TRT: your doctor is an idiot.