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Test: Gel Vs. Injections

got a script for test gel 10% 3 weeks ago. i was told to take 1cc of it every day along with arima 1/4 tab mon,we,fri. so far ive noticed next to nothing. now, am i wasting my time with this stuff if im looking for significant body comp changes ?? or would injections be the way to go for real results. got horribly fat on a gh only cycle. [ dont quite know what went wrong there ] used proscar for last 2 years and doc, said next to zero dht levels can turn you into a fat , soft . pig over a peroid of time. is this what happened i wonder, anyone else had the same experience with proscar ??

also what dosage of test either gel or inj. would yield some decent results. i am 41yrs / 200lbs / would like to be 220lbs by may 2006 – havent trained much in last 5 years [ really bad lymes disease ] but will do anything to get body back again… any help appreciated