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Test Gel/Cream? Anybody Using It?

Just turned 40. Here’s my story. April 07, I was 202 @ 5’9" w/ 12.5% BMI (arms were 17 1/4") shattered C6-C7 disc ended up having surgery Oct 07. Ate terrible- ballooned up to 235.5lbs, horrible condition, lost major amounts of muscle and tone and condition. Started back working out Jan 19, '09 (been back 'bout 10 months).

Started back eating right, working out @ 4:15am 4 days/wk, cardio 6 days/wk. Down to 195.5 lbs 13.5% BMI (arms are 16 1/2" now). I feel great-running 2+ mi/4 days/wk, jump rope 15-30min, heavy bag, etc had a friend tell me about the testosterone cream/jel and that is really helps.

Anybody know anything about this? Are there any side effects?? I can honestly say ‘muscle memory’ has been great. Granted, I’m training hard and diligent and the results are encouraging, but, if I can make better gains w/ the gel, I’m certainly interested.

Get tested for TT, FT, E2 and other lab work basics. If your T is not low, you are not going to get creamed or gelled. Read the related stickies before you seek more answers. If T is moderate and E2 is too high, you can look at things that you might change.

Androgel. Go to dr. and get levels tested. If they are low they will prescribe. With insurance it’s about $20.00 a month. Google…Androgel.