Test-Free Cycle Advice?

Hey everyone, need some assistance again. My job added testosterone to our departments random drug test. Anything over 1,000 will test as positive. Had to come off my Test/Tren/EQ stack 3 weeks in because of it. Currently having trouble getting a script because my normal test is 600 (27years old).
What are some options that I can take that won’t have a severe impact on my current test levels?
Thanks in advance!

Not a super relevant question, but what type of job do you have that randomly tests for testosterone? That seems odd to me.

I am not asking for company names, more curious about the industry in which you work.

Fire Department. They just added it in our new contract

It also seems to discriminate against those with actual medical conditions such as those insensitive to androgens. Often these individuals need to run cycle dosages to feel how a normal man would. FTM patients are often above 1000 ng/dL at peak. Many TRT patients are above that cutoff at peak. It isn’t like one can know when these tests are as they are random.

If you are on legit TRT, and get busted, you may be able to sue for discrimination.


That seems silly to me, I think you would want any advantage you could get in a line of work like that


If I had a script I wouldn’t have any issue. The problem I’m having is getting a script because of my current levels. So in the meantime I was trying to see what my options were while I try to find someone to write me one

Is the cutoff 1000 ng/dL with a blood test? You just said 1000, so I want to be sure.

If I was cycling, I would just do some test, just not enough to be over 1000 ng/dL at peak. This might mean you are only using 100-150 mg/wk. More frequency will bring up the trough, and lower the peak. I would start with like 100 mg/wk Test E and pin EoD. Do blood work on the off day. I wouldn’t want to be over say 850 ng/dL just to have a bit of margin. If you are at like 600 ng/dL, you could bump it up (this is about where I would be, but we are all different).

From there, you could add another anabolic. It shouldn’t show up as testosterone. Make sure to ensure that they are only looking for testosterone though. I would stay away from anything harsh while only taking 100-150 mg/wk of test. Maybe Primo? Maybe Anavar or Tbol? I wouldn’t use a 19 nor (Deca, Tren, etc…) I am of the opinion that running those with such a low test dose could be trouble. I wouldn’t use EQ or Mast as those risk crashing E2 with Test being so low.

Yeah anything 1K and over will be a “positive” test. And thanks for the advice. I appreciate it

For you blood test and AAS experts: How do the anabolics (Anavar, Winstrol, Durabolin, etc) affect a man’s Total Testosterone numbers?

If they suppress TT, maybe a frequent low dose testosterone might help keep the gains going.

To OP: Is the test random and how much notice will you have? Is it a urine test? How accurate is the urine test for TT? Has anyone busted out on test yet?

If they lower SHBG, they should lower TT as lower SHBG will increase clearance rate.

It’s a true random test. I could get hit next shift, or next year, or never. And they do blood and urine.

You may be out of luck depending on what the urine test is looking for. Some of them can tell synthetic test vs natural test.

This sucks. Just train natural (preferred) or try to get a TRT script (not recommended for a young healthy male).

I used to run the drug test program for an employer years ago…

******If you can find out, you need to know if the urine test checks specifically for steroid metabolites(unlikely because it’s very expensive and only done at a select few labs) or just recreational drugs (emphetamines, etc.) this is pivotal, because…

If it’s the former, I just don’t see any way you’ll ever be able to cycle anything, with the possibility of a urine and blood draw at any moment, as you described. If they can pull blood (serum levels) and urine (metabolites of any/all synthetic compounds) at only a moments notice:

  1. Blasting and cruising Test is out
  2. TRT + add-ons is out
  3. Blasting any other compounds is out
  4. PCT drugs are out

Leaving you only one option…getting a script for TRT and staying at sane dosages for as long as you work for the station.

I don’t think a healthy man in his 20s should do that, but hey, your body.


Thanks man. And to my knowledge the urine is for rec drugs, the blood work is solely testosterone

I’ve asked a similar question here prior as my TRT MD does very frequent labs. I don’t trust any AAS not to impact TT in some way. There are so many variables involved, as was already stated mostly with clearance rate. Deca may be the only other AAS that shows up as T, but nearly all of them will impact in some way. I can tell you on my own bloods, same level of TRT 150mg, after a blast of 500 mg TC, I did six weeks of oxandrolone, stopped a week prior to bloods, there was a 500 point positive swing in my TT (1350 vs 860). You could talk to a TRT clinic and be honest about your AAS use, they may be sympathetic.

I have nothing relevant to add except for the observation that your fire department for some reason doesn’t want strong, useful firemen working for them. Fascinating.


I think most men’s health clinics will be willing to work with you and get you a prescription. A GP will be more likely to make you be below whatever ridiculously low threshold there is for it to be considered “medical”.

Yeah, it’s the whole “moments notice” thing that’s killing him. If he had even just a few days’ notice he could get by with blasting Test.

I was on 400mgs/wk Test, pinned daily, recently, when my clinic called for labs. Went all stop, had labs drawn exactly 5 days later, and was at 925 TT.

Yeah, I think the majority of my focus should be on trying to find a Dr that will write me a script. At least if I have that, it doesn’t matter what my test level is, as long as I can show proof that I’m under Dr supervision.

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Yes, but…

depending on your department’s HR and legal policies,

If your levels come back super high, they could use that as grounds for suspected drug abuse and, may terminate you on those grounds alone, or at the very least, start a very uncomfortable inquiry/investigation on you, requiring you to provide more samples, provide doctor records.

To legally protect yourself, you need to know EXACTLY what your departments drug policies are, verbatim. What is their EXACT definition of drug abuse, suspected drug abuse, etc.

I would hate to see you think, “if I have a script, I’m good” and pop a 1500+ on a random blood draw and find yourself being investigated.

Please be careful my friend. Don’t want to see a hero go down for a stupid technicality.