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Test Form for Mild Support?

Androgel v. Androstenetrione v. Testim v. Andromen v. Prohormones

For mild support, anyone have any comments?

Andromen is a lot less expensive than Androgel. Pro-hormones would have fit the bill, except they are all pretty much illegal, though your doctor can prescribe them.

Anyway, I’m curious about mild support, the kind one could get with mild doses of pro-hormones, such as 19-norandrostenedione or 1,4-androstadienedione (1,4 AD)(which works well taken orally) when they were more legal.

cf http://www.jissn.com/content/4/1/13 (an article discussing 6-oxo for mild support).

Anyway, I’d appreciate comments, especially as to mild support when one doesn’t need replacement. Androgel seems to result in the drug eventually replacing your natural production as the natural production tapers off in response to the exterior support. Seems almost to be self-defeating, not to mention the estrogen level problems so many people report.

Anyway, just looking for feedback.